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Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 2 Walking safely in Winter

Day 2 Walking safely in Winter
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One of our walkers let me in on a secret he has for staying in control on icy streets. On the bottom of his shoe here he has four little bolts that he has sunk into his running shoe.  They are the kind of fasteners you would use for drywall (evidently ... I don't know much about drywall myself).
He said you use very short screws and drill with a fine bit to get them started.
He had just finished a 14K walk with the Saturday group and it was wicked weather last Saturday with a great deal of ice!  He has been doing this for a while and likes the security under foot.
What do other people do in the winter?  Let me know and I can share some of those ideas .. don't worry I won't use your name if you would rather be anonymous.
You can also comment on our Facebook community page or just send me an email. I would love to know how you walk30's are going.
As for me I am going out walking tonight with Dave ... walk and talk ... a good way to put the day in order.
Hope you are having a good one!
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  1. I use my Yak Trax!! Love them

  2. :) This is sort of like the snow studs we use to have in snow tires when I was growing up in New Jersey - it's a great idea to make sneakers like this!

  3. Hi Sue: As promised, I started my Walk 30 on March 1st. I also started a blog just to keep myself honest and motivated. Not quite sure what I'm doing yet but you can check it out at http://elizsimpson3555.wordpress.com