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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Day 30 Give the Gift of Fitness and Health!

Day 30  Walking every day helps you cope with the holiday stress!

It is time again to challenge myself to 30 days of walking 30 minutes a day. 
Tomorrow is December 1st and we are entering the most difficult month for sticking to our healthy goals ... am I alone here? ... I don't think so.  I have a little trick or two that can really help to keep me on track and I hope you will join me in The Walk30 Challenge for December 2014!

Trick number one is really quite simple ... just get out the door once or twice a day and walk ... the goal is 30 minutes a day because it makes a difference to your body and your mind and it gives you a goal. Please come and join me in the Walk30 Challenge this month.

Trick number two is to create a goal even farther down the road that will get you walking all winter. It doesn't matter whether you are walking inside or out you just need something to motivate you and I can't think of anything better than the ONLY walking race in Canada for walkers of all shape, sizes and speeds ... The Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic ... and is all set to go for May 10, 2015.  
You can join in on the Fiddleheads 5K, the CMHA 10K or the Waterloo Regional Homes 21K Half Marathon events ... every distance is within reach if you just start walking today.

Check out our new website and get more information about the race and our mental health cause. My husband Dave and I are the founders of the event and you can hear our story on the home page of our website at: www.mimiwalks.com  ... or just check it our on the last walk30 blog post.

The 2015 Minds in Motion KW Walking Classic is now open for registration, just in time for the Gift Giving season.
Register Here Right Now!  for the SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICES
Give someone you love the gift of fitness and a goal to walk toward for the New Year!

We are working hard to make this year bigger and better than ever! A lot has changed; our logo, our website and our registration platform, so click the link below to get a new perspective of our mission, race and future. 

Let me know if you are up for the Walk30 Challenge in December ... a great way to greet the New Year and walk off a few chocolates ... I know I'm going to!
Hey,  how about tweeting your daily walks with #walk30withmimi

Walk On Strong!

Walk30 and walk in the Minds In Motion KW Walking Classic

Hey there World!
Walking Can be cool especially when you are walking for a really good cause ... everyone's mental health!
Please take a few minutes to look at this video that explains what we are trying to accomplish with the Minds In Motion Initiative and the K W Walking Classic ... you might just be moved to move your body to change your mind ... we are hoping that you will walk along with us!

Walk On Strong  ... and please share this video.


P.S. why not tweet about YOUR Walk today  #walk30withmimi
Check out the website at www.mimiwalks.com