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Monday, 18 August 2014

Day 18 How to Walk Faster ...Using Arm Power

Look at those arms in action!

Day 18  Walking technique to move you faster ... I was doing some personal training last week and reviewing the importance of posture and core strength in power walking. The next piece of advice for aspiring power walkers is about how to use the arms to your best advantage.

Looking through past blogs and I decided to give a little more information regarding the use of your arms as a technique toward faster and stronger walking style ... here goes. 

Using Arm Power!

Now you are ready to get those arms up and helping you to power along.  
For some unknown reason it seems that people have a difficult time lifting up there arms in support of and strengthening their forward movement.  Let's just say that "it looks a little goofy" to see a walker powering along with their arms pumping. The bottom line here is that you will have to get over feeling 'goofy' if you want to add upper body strength and momentum to your walk... and walk faster as a result!

Lifting your arms to a 90 degree angle and moving your hands from your hip to the center chest height will engage muscles in the back of the arms (triceps) and it also activates the back muscles (lats) that will fire in support of your upper body.
The strength with which you pull your arm back using those triceps has a direct connection to momentum forward. The faster you move those arms the faster you feet will follow.

For the next few weeks try getting those arms up and in action. Keep your elbows in close to your body.  What does it feel like? Probably a bit weird ... you're are right on track!  Remember it will take weeks of consistent practice to begin to feel natural walking along with your arms up and in place.
You are going to get more bang for your walk30 effort by using those extra muscles every time you head out the door!

More to come ... in the meantime ...Walk on Strong with your head high and your arms in place.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Day 14 Summer walking tips

Day 14 Here is a great video from Dr. Oz
Between our grand daughter and our dog Annie ... life has been rather busy. Our grand baby left for the next leg of the family visit and our dog Annie went for surgery today. She has a ligament in her knee that is disconnected.  We got the news that her surgery went well so all is good. 
I am still trying to keep moving in spite of all the excitement and moving helps to deal with the drama in life.
In the meantime here is a little help from another source.
I am always on the look out for advice around walking.  Here are some suggestions around how to make your walk an even more beneficial experience! Walking made better ... here are 3 ways to maximize your walk ... the Dr. Oz way! Check out this link from www.realage.com
Walk On Strong!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day 6 oooops!

Day 6 ... where did the day go?
Well the grand baby arrived today and then the walk30 focus went for a holiday. Once my daughter arrived from Calgary with our 7 week old grand daughter we were baby watching and holding and ... yes ... walking the baby around and getting her to settle.  It is possible that I put in a good 30 minutes of baby walking around the house ... not sure that counts.

The bottom line is that some days the walk30 might not happen ... that's okay. I am regrouping for the 7th walk30.
Walk On Strong!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day 5 ... Walk On Strong!

Day 5  ... Walking with the group
Out for a walk in Waterloo!
Just  a 5 K walk through the streets of Waterloo tonight with the Walk On Strong Group!

Nothing more motivating than having a group waiting for you ... I was late today and they were on their way ... fortunately Dave was there to get everyone going and I caught up eventually.

It was warm but not too bad and we did the Dead Poets walk 
( fondly referred to) in and around the university.
Walk On Strong!!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Day 3 and 4

Day 2 and 3 Missing the Dog
We completely filled up the patio at Seven Shores Cafe on Saturday morning

Day 2 and 3 ... walking in the neighborhood without your dog is ... kind of weird. This past week our dog has had a bit of a limp and it seems that she has pulled something in her hip. :(
We have been trying to keep her quiet and so that means no walks that are more than around the block.  To get my walk30 in I have had to set off on my own ... and that has seemed very strange indeed.  It makes me very grateful for our Annie ... she is still giving us the 'look' that says "please take me for a walk" and she is less than impressed with the short version that is going to help her heal.
Annie on a walk ... just a puppy here.

The situation also makes me realize that for people without a dog it is a bigger challenge to get out the door and get your walk30 done. It seems that we have an easier time taking care of our pet's needs than we do our own. SO ... to all of you dogless people I take off my hat and say ...WELL DONE!
I am heading out to do my walk30 after supper ... hope you have a great walk30 today ... with or without the pet!
Walk On Strong!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Day 2 Saturday morning walk!

Day 2 .. and a beautiful day!
This is an older picture of the group but you get the idea ...

The Walk On Strong group was out in full force this morning ... There was a huge group at 9 a.m. for a 5K walk and lots of early birds this morning at 8 a.m. for the 10K walk.

After the walk we filled up every spot on the patio at the Seven Shores Urban Cafe ... Dave took a picture but it didn't turn out so I found an older picture to post today ... maybe next week.

All in all it was a great way to get in my walk for today ... good company and great weather! Can't do better than that!!
Walk On Strong,

Friday, 1 August 2014

Day 1 Power Walking Lesson 1

Day One ... the perfect start to my Walk30 challenge for August!
Back to Walk30 and Blog about it through the next 30 days ... come join me!  

Today I was doing a personal power walking coaching session with friend who is looking toward being in better shape and creating a healthier lifestyle for herself. We went over to the track near my home and went through the first and basic fundamentals of walking that will help her, and anyone, to create a stronger core and boost the benefits of any walk.

There are three areas that we addressed and I have asked her to make an attempt to do these three things over the next week until we have lesson 2.  It is extremely important to work on these basics before moving on to more advanced techniques that will further improve your speed and strength.

1. Make walking a part of your day ... every day! In other words walking30 is your goal when you get up in the morning. Walking 30 minutes every day will change your health ... it will clear your mind, strengthen your body and your immune system.
If you want proof that a walk can change you life just check out this video in one of my older posts called 23 and a Half Hours. It is well worth your time!

2. Walk tall and strong! When you walk lift your head and look in front of you, lift your ribs away from your hips (stretch up) and pull your belly toward your backbone. In other words, engage your core,  in doing so you are improving your posture and strengthening those muscles that will help you burn more calories during and after your walk.  If you are going for a 30 minute walk ... maximize the benefits!

3. Practice technique every time you go out for a walk. The only way to improve any skill or create a healthy habit is to employ the change at every opportunity.  It takes approximately 6 weeks to embed a new habit into your life ... that's if you do it often and focus.

That's it for today ... please join me in walking30 every day this month, walk tall and strong while you are at it!

Walk On Strong!