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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 7 Getting Close to Race Day

Walk30 every day!...
... the K W Walking Classic is just around the corner!

Most of you know that my husband Dave and I founded the Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic (along with many other dedicated volunteers) in 2008.  Our family, just like many other families, have had to struggle to deal with the experience of mental illness. All of us know someone, care for someone or are someone who has been touched directly by mental health issues in some way and yet ,as a society, we still look the other way.  This Minds In Motion initiative started as an attempt to break through the stigma around mental illness and to highlight the amazing benefits that everyone in our communities can derive from simply walking more often and with friends. It is an event that we feel brings light and hope to an experience that often is clouded with darkness, despair and secrecy.

In our 6 year history we have brought hope to many and through Trillium Foundation funding we have also created a body of research around the many physical, emotional, social and psychological benefits of the race event, walking groups, walking conferences and educational sessions that have been presented through the Minds In Motion initiative.  We have also investigated the impact that our MIM initiative has had on community and self stigma that is attached to mental illness.

In addition to a great experiences that have been had on race day, our walking conference in October and the weekly walks that many enjoy we have been able to provide over 800 pairs of individually fitted athletic shoes to those using fitness as a part of their mental health recovery plan. These worthy athletes are often on extremely limited incomes and those shoes make a world of difference.

We are asking you to help us by attending the event on Sunday, May 11 2014 at Waterloo Public Square and walking or volunteering with us. If you cannot come in person you might consider donating through our Giving Page link below.

The Lewis Family Giving Page

We can all make a difference!

Walk On Strong!

Sue, Dave, Michael and Sarah Lewis