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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Day 8 Walking in Paris

Walk ... Eat ... Walk ... and eat again!

Day 8 Walking in Paris

Our second day in Paris and we were feeling more awake and a little less jet lagged.  We decided to follow a map that our friend Peter in Kitchener had given us before we left.  It looked like a great way to just get reacquainted with Paris in hurry. It ended up being a ten hour excursion and 18Ks from our door at noon and back again at 10 p.m. ... a superb 10 hours!!
So we are calling this walk an Introduction to Paris ... but, of course, Paris is so very much more than this! There is a map in this link above. Remember that you can shorten the walk from 18 K if you simply take the metro to the starting point at the Seine River. 
On this walk you won't have time to go into the Louvre but at least you will familiarize yourself with the layout of this part of the city. You can always head back to visit some of the museums on another day.

We did do a tour of the Petite Palace, as our friend Peter had recommended, and we were glad we did ... it was magnificent and there was an impressionist exhibition there as a special event.
An absolutely beautiful day to walk around Paris for 10 hours! Hello Eiffel Tower
Yes, we had to make a stop at the Eiffel Tower.  We hadn't walked around it this way before so we got some great pictures. Thank you so much Peter!

By the time we got home again we were absolutely done ... but the feeling was good.

Another day and another walk in Paris ... after a good rest we will be off again.
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  1. Looks amazing! So glad you're having a good start on your trip!

  2. It is just a great trip so far ... and it is nise to be able to get to blogging again!