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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Use Your Arms To Walk Faster

Day 16  Minds In Motion Initiative 
               30 Day Walk30 Challenge

I hope that you have been implementing the ideas from Power Walking Lesson One and that you have started walking taller and feeling your core strengthen as you tighten your butt and lengthen your torso.
Next:  Now you are ready to get those arms up and helping you to power along. 
For some unknown reason it seems that people have a difficult time lifting up there arms in support of and strengthening their forward movement.  Let's just say that "it looks a little goofy" to see a walker powering along with their arms pumping. The bottom line here is that you will have to get over feeling 'goofy' if you want to add upper body strength and momentum to your walk.

Lifting your arms to a 90 degree angle and moving your hands from your hip to the center chest height will engage muscles in the back of the arms (triceps) and it also activates the back muscles (lats) that will fire in support of your upper body.
The strength with which you pull your arm back using those triceps has a direct connection to momentum forward. The faster you move those arms the faster you feet will follow.
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Walk On Strong!

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