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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day 31 Walk30 for April! Begins tomorrow

Walk On Strong group coming and going!
Notice the snow!

Day 31 Walk30 for April! Begins tomorrow
It was a chilly one this morning a little hard to take after the past weeks of summery weather!  There were a few dedicated soles (don't mind the pun) out today and ready with heavier coats and even the gloves made a reappearance.  We are sure that Spring will be showing up soon and our numbers will grow with it.
Please come and join me in making a strong start to the spring by committing to the Walk30 Challenge for April.  Thirty minutes a day for 30 days ... this will be my sixth consecutive walk30 Challenge and I would love to have you join me!
Walk On Strong!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Day 30 WE WON Best Walker Friendly Half Marathon!

                                   Day 30 WE WON!

         Best Walker Friendly Half Marathon!

        Thank you to all you loyal voters!  You made it happen!

After a month dedicated to voting on the About.com website for the Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic we have come out on top and were awarded the Readers Choice Award for the Best Walker-Friendly Half Marathon. 
If you have never been a part of this walker's only event you need to be there for the Fifth Annual Minds in Motion K W Walking  Classic September 23 2012 in Waterloo Ontario ( for those of you who are not in Canada ... we are one hour west of Toronto).  Early Bird prices are in effect for a few more days and there are only 500 spaces in the Half Marathon.     www.kwwalkingclassic.com
You have six months of walking30 to get you ready for this event ... you can walk the 5K, 10 K or get ready for the 21 K Half Marathon!
You can do it ... especially when you sing up and set the goal ... magical things happen.
Come and Walk On Strong with us!
Let me know what you think ... walkonstrong@gmail.com

Remember the Walk30 Challenge begins again on Sunday 
... join me!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day 29 The walk30 challenge begins again

A memorable walk in Paris last March!

Day 29 The walk30 challenge begins again!
Come join us as we begin a new month and a new walk30 challenge.  Thirty minutes a day for 30 days ... every week you will be walking a half marathon. We have done 4 Half Marathons this month ( at least) and we are going for another four next month!  Join us on April first for the April walk30 challenge.
Today was an after dinner walk30 for Dave and I ... it was one of those walks where you clear your head from all that went on in the day ... it's all good!
I hope you had a great walk30 today!
Walk On Strong,

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day 28 Reasons to walk

Day 28 Reasons to walk ... everyone has a reason!
I have lots of reasons to walk30 and to write this blog everyday. Some of my reasons have to do with my own fitness and being consistent in my walking habit and other reasons have to do with promoting the Minds In Motion KW Walking Classic and making a difference in the lives of those who are dealing with the stigma attached to mental illness. Those are some of my reasons but everyone has their own and this story came to me through am email today .. what an amazing reason to walk and what beautiful results!
Artist Simon Beck must really love the cold weather! Along the frozen lakes of Savoie, France, he spends days plodding through the snow in raquettes (snowshoes), creating these sensational patterns of snow art. Working for 5-9 hours a day, each final piece is typically the size of three soccer fields! The geometric forms range in mathematical patterns and shapes that create stunning, sometimes 3D, designs when viewed from higher levels.

How long these magnificent geometric forms survive is completely dependent on the weather. Beck designs and redesigns the patterns as new snow falls, sometimes unable to finish a piece due to significant overnight accumulations. Interestingly enough, he said, 'The main reason for making them was because I can no longer run properly due to problems with my feet, so plodding about on level snow is the least painful way of getting exercise. Gradually, the reason has become photographing them, and I am considering buying a better camera. Spectacular art for the sake of exercise!

Way to go Simon ... and thank you for creating such amazing snow art!
Walk On Strong!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Day 27 Come walk with us! Early Birds need to register now!

Day 27    Early Bird Registration is coming to an end... April first!
Today I am going to advertise the race that has consumed my life ... in a very good way.
Please consider coming to walk with us on September 23rd!
Walk for Mental Health and make a difference!
Minds in Motion - KW Walking Classic
 5K, 10K and Half Marathon Events!
Sunday, September 23, 2012
Early Bird Registration
for the 2012 Minds in Motion KW Walking Classic is now open!
                  Early Bird registration closes April 1, 2012
            Registration will be limited to 1,500 participants.
                                         Register NOW!
Our cause is Mental Health and providing for a healthier lifestyle for those recovering from mental health concerns, their families and the people who support them.  We have provided  hundreds of properly fitted athletic shoes for those on fixed incomes recovering from mental health issues who want to get fit.  All levels of ability welcome!  If you can walk we want you to come join the fun and help us help others.  All three events are chip-timed, with lots of great loot and bling, long sleeved technical shirts, finishing medals and no shortage of excitement.

Visit our website now:  www.kwwalkingclassic.com
Go to the Running Room registration page directly at: www.runningroom.com
 Minds In Motion  K W Walking Classic
Registration for the 21K half marathon is limited to 500 participants – Register early to ensure your registration!
Fundraising Goal:
In association with Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health Inc. all funds pledged and donated for the event will be used to equip individuals with lived mental health experience with proper fitting athletic shoes.
In the spirit of the event we encourage all race participants to raise funds in addition to the event registration fee.  To do so please download our Pledge Form and return it with funds raised to the Race Expo on Saturday, September 22, 2012.  
We want to see over 1000 walkers this year and you can help make that happen ... Walk On Strong!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Day 26 Thirty Minutes of walking a day helps prevent diabetes

On a walk in the city of Florence Italy ... for real!

 Day 26 Thirty Minutes of walking a day helps prevent diabetes
I was reading the REAL AGE newsletter today and there was an article that caught my eye:
Be sure to check out the whole article
 Well the third benefit was right up my alley and a great thing to remember when you are feeling a little bit reluctant around getting out the door to do your walk30!
From Real Age ...
So we can cut our chances of developing type 2 diabetes by simply taking on a walk30 challenge. Join me on April first for the next 30 minutes for 30 days challenge.
Today I waited until 10 p.m. to do my walk30 ... Dave and I did a fast walk around the neighborhood and it felt great!!
Be sure to check out the real age article by Dr. Oz and Dr.R at the link above ... we need all the encouragement we can get to head out the door!
Walk On Strong,

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Day 25 Just another Sunday walk30

Day 25 Just another Sunday walk30
We are having a very warm Spring ... the flowers are starting to bloom and the forsythia is bursting yellow foliage everywhere.
These photos are actually from last year at exactly this time and they were taken in the south of France. 

When we arrived back home from this trip we were knee deep in snow and it wasn't for another month or so that we saw the forsythia blooming ... a sure sign of Spring.  

 My Sunday walk30 was actually two short walks with Annie our puppy.  It was a busy day but I managed to get out there and enjoy the warm sun.
Hope you were out there too!
Walk On Strong!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Day 24 Cool, cloudy with a little rain ...

Come join us on a Walk On Strong walk!

Day 24 Cool, cloudy with a little rain ... that works for us!

An enthusiastic group of walkers out there this morning joining the Walk On Strong contingent. Dave had a fairly large group joining him with the 10 K route through the multiple woods that are part of our favourite 10 K trek!
Our 9 a.m. group did the K W Walking Classic 5 K route which we like to do occasionally to keep our memory fresh.  It does make a difference race day if you are familiar with the route.
If you live anywhere near us please remember that you are welcome to come join us on our free walks on Tuesdays and Saturdays from the Waterloo Public Square. Just check out our website for details at www.walkonstrong.com 
Walk On Strong,

Friday, 23 March 2012

Day 23 Walking 30 minutes makes a difference

A wonderful walk in France last March!

Day 23 Walking 30 minutes makes a difference
Today was a lot cooler and a little more of what we would normally expect this time of year. It was great to get out today.  As I walked 30 it seemed as if my stress was lifting.  I think that is one of the things I appreciate most about this new daily habit ... it just helps me to feel a little more relaxed.
I hope you had a relaxing walk30 too!
Walk On Strong!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day 22 Walking a Marathon

Me ... Disney Marathon 2011 ... what can I say ... Dancing and walking can work!

Day 22 Walking a Marathon

I was browsing the internet today and came across The Walking Site ... a great website filled to the brim with information for the walker that wants to take things to the next level.  If you have any walking questions you will find answers at this website!
I found the following statement very interesting:
"So you want to walk a marathon! In a recent poll 70% of walkers surveyed stated a desire to train for and participate in a marathon or distance walking event. 18% of those polled have previously walked in a marathon, and most of those would like to do it again some day. Visit our Marathon Walking Site for information on marathons, marathon training, etc."

I really do think that there is a huge group of walkers that get revved up at the thought of doing a longer distance race ... I know that when Dave and I did our first 10K clinic at the Running Room here in Canada we were thinking about a Half Marathon as soon as we got the race bug.  We have done a lot of Half Marathons in the past 7 years and almost all of them have been running races that have walkers taking part.  That was part of the reason that we began our planning for the Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic and why we added a half marathon in our third year ... walkers wanted a longer distance walk that was all their own.  Once you finish that half marathon ... then you start looking for a marathon to walk.
Yes we are funny creatures we walkers!
I am thinking about a marathon again in my future but you will have to stay tuned for that announcement in another blog soon ... until then... Walk On Strong!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Day 21 Another inspiring day! Thank you for voting!!

Take some time out to dance!

Hey there all!  
Today was one of those amazing days that really makes you proud of our youth!  I was asked to do a dance workshop at a teen conference on mental health today in Guelph.  This conference was for young leaders from high schools in the area ... and what an inspiring group!
They danced up a storm and spent the day listening to others who had stories to tell and information to share around suicide, bullying and mental illness.  Wow! 
It makes me feel very good to think that our future is in the hands of these proactive students ...BRAVO!
Thank you to all who voted for the Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic over the past month ... I know you worked hard on this and I hope we can say ... after the votes are counted on the 30th of March ... that we are the Best Walker Friendly Half Marathon on the web!!
Walk On Strong!!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 20 Spring is for walking and setting goals!

Day 20  Spring is for walking and setting goals

Today is the first day of Spring ... in a normal year it could very well be snowing and icy and we would be thinking that winter was not going anywhere any time soon.  Instead it is 24 degrees Celsius and we are sweating on the back deck (no complaints by the way).  We are embracing this great weather and walking30 is definitely easier.

Spring is always a great motivator and I am hoping that there are some of you out there thinking about creating a walking goal that will have you out the door every day ... Walking30 for April 1st!!
The other thing happening on April first is that there is an early bird deadline for the Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic.
There is no better motivator that a race goal in your future to motivate your walking habit! 
There is a 5 K, a 10 K and even a Half Marathon and we have all the great benefits of a running event ... without runners.  We like runners a lot and they volunteer for us on race day and support our cause but on race day even the runners walk.  It is all about walking ... at any pace you choose ... some are fast and some are slow but it really doesn't matter because we all have to begin somewhere.
Tomorrow is the last day to vote for the Minds in Motion Race event as the Best Walker friendly Half Marathon around ... come and experience it yourself!

Walk On Strong!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Day 19 Walk30 and live a long healthy life

Walking Community Board on the Millrace Trail

Day 19 Walk30 and live a long healthy life!
I want to dedicate today's blog to a man I have never met but I am pretty sure I would have liked a lot.   On Sunday we were out walking the Millrace Trail in St Jacobs.  On the trail there was a neat bulletin board for the people who walk on the trail to put up photos or notices ... things of interest that other walkers would be interested in.  What caught our eye was a dedication to a man who had been an avid walker and had passed away at 91 years just this month.  His name was Oscar Martin and he walked the trail for over 86 years! 
 It got me thinking ...  I hope that when I leave the planet someone recognizes that I walked my way through life ... right until the very end.  We just have to keep on walking30 if not every day hopefully most of our days! 
Today's walk is for you Oscar. Thank you for the inspiration!

The beginning of April is coming up soon ... think about joining me for the walk30 Challenge for April ... walking 30 minutes a day for 30 days in a row ... or maybe you will be challenging yourself again if you did Walk30 for 30 in March.
Let me know if you are going to give it a try in April!
Walk On Strong! and remember to vote until March 21 for Minds in Motion K  W Walking Classic

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Day 18 Feels like summer ... so take it easy!

Down the path in St. Jacobs

Sitting at a sidewalk cafe after a long walk

Day 18 Feels like summer so take it easy!
We had a wonderful walk down the St Jacobs trail today and so did a lot of other people!  The warm summer weather had everyone feeling like being outside taking in the beautiful scenery. Today's walk was a little slow ... every few steps there were people who wanted to meet the puppy which was good for her but made it a very long easy going walk.
Once in a while a long slow easy walk is exactly what we all need.  We rush here and there day in and day out and then we try to get the most out of our workout time most days.  We can get a great  energizing workout in 30 minutes.  There are days when we just need to slow the pace, look at the scenery and not worry about how many calories we are burning.
Hope you had a memorable walk30 today!
Walk On Strong!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Day 17 A great walk!

Day 17 A great walk!
It was a foggy morning here in Kitchener Waterloo but that didn't slow us down!  We had a big group out this morning at 8 a.m. to walk 14 K down on the grand River Trail.  We met the 9 a.m. group at Seven Shores afterward for a great breakfast and a chance to catch up.  Thanks so much to everyone for coming out this morning.   The time flies in such good company!
Walk On Strong!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Day 16 Thanks for voting and keep it up!

Even Santa knows that it's the BEST!

Day 16 Thanks for voting and keep it up!  Thank you so much for all the voting!    Vote Vote Vote ... right here!

Hey there everyone!!   
 I can't believe how dedicated you all are to do so much voting to help us( Minds In Motion) achieve the About.com's Readers' Choice award for the Best Walker-Friendly Half Marathon.
Some of you have been asking what exactly do we get if we win ... the bottom line is that we get to say we are the Best Walker-Friendly Half Marathon on the web.  We can tell everyone in our advertising and when folks who love to walk are looking for a race and google the Best Half Marathon for walkers ... guess who will come up??? It would be the Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic. 
We have been searching for ways to get the word out to the walking communities of Canada and the world and what better way to do that than to win this award.
A big thank you to all of you who have been voting for us and we are hoping that you keep on voting until the 21 of March so that we can actually win ... I think that we need to be vigilant because you just never know if you have won ... until you do ... so keep on voting folks!
If you get a chance you should also register for the early bird prices and set yourself a goal to do this amazing Walker-Friendly Event!
go to www.kwwalkingclassic.com and check it out!
I was out there walking30 a few times today because we are having Spring early here in Southern Ontario.
Hope you have a great walk30 today ... where ever you are.  I would live to hear about some of your walk30's.  Please send pictures or descriptions of some of your favorite places to walk30.   I can share them or not just let me know.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Walk On Strong!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day 15 Inspiration!

Lisa, Lil (our Mom) and Caroline!

Day 15 Inspiration!
This is going to be a different kind of walk30 blog but I had an aha! moment today and I feel like sharing it.
I got a picture recently of my sister's Sweet Adeline chorus in Calgary all dressed up in their new costumes looking amazing. My sister Caroline is the chorus director ... and a great one at that!  As I was looking at the picture I realized that my Mom, my sister Caroline and my other sister Lisa were all standing together in the chorus ... I only have 2 sisters so it got me thinking ... what is missing here? ... it would be ME!  I was inspired and started thinking about getting a ticket out there for their very first regional competition that is happening in May. At the same time I got an email from West Jet Airlines advertising a sale ... isn't life interesting ... so I am going to Calgary!
One of the other things I love to do is sing so I could be dressed up in a picture with the other women in my family in the near future ... you just never know where inspiration will take you.
I am hoping that I inspire you to get out the door every day for your walk30 ... hope you had a good one today!
Walk On Strong,

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day 14 Join the Half Marathon a week club

Yes Live your Dream!! Walk30 your way to your health goals

Day 14 Two Half Marathons under your feet already this month! Join the Half Marathon a Week Club ... you will be glad you did!
Remember to vote
Sometimes I think that it is easy to forget that every 7 days you have walked (at least) a Half Marathon!
By simply getting our there for 30 minutes every day (approximately 3 K) and doing that for 7 days in a row you become a member of The Half Marathon a Week Club ... that's right.  Walking a Half Marathon is as easy as that.
I just love the way those numbers add up ... 7 days times 3 K each day = 21 K or A Half Marathon!
When someone asks you if you exercise you can say "Actually I walk a Half Marathon every week"  Now that is going to impress! 

It all boils down to 30 minutes a day and committing to do that for 30 days ... yes that is what this blog is all about ... creating a habit that will give you back a healthier life.
Today my walk30 took me around the neighborhood at a fast pace with Annie the speedy puppy. Tomorrow we celebrate the last of our 10 week Power walking training workshops with our amazing Walk On Strong group.
Spring training begins on March 29th and we can't wait!
Hope you had a great walk30 today ... the weather was spectacular ... breaking records all over North America for record highs and the week ahead holds more of the same. 
Life is good! Walk On Strong!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Day 13 Still walking the dog

Day 13 Still walking the dog
Yesterday we found ourselves at Riverside Park in Waterloo ... walking the dog.   It is a huge park on the Grand River ... perfect place for a walk30. 
That is it for today ... the walk is done and it is time to relax.
Remember to vote for the Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic  we are not out of the woods yet!
Walk On Strong!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 12 Power walking Lesson #4 Heel - Toe Roll

#1 strike on to the heel with the toe up

#2 roll through the mid foot slightly to the outer edge
#3 push off the toe ... notice the flex you need to get in your shoe for a good push off ... love my New Balance 860's

#4 putting it together .. you can see that this is going to help you develop your balance too!

Power walking Lesson #4
We will start with a short review ... so you have been walking tall, engaging the core and tying to consistently use your arms to power you forward and speed up your feet when you want to go faster.  The more you use these techniques the sooner they will become second nature.

Now you are ready to employ the next bit of technique that will help you to move over the ground  smoothly with greater speed ... eventually.  We all have to remember that as you employ new techniques it will take time for your body to feel in charge of this new movement or way of using your body.  Be patient because it can take up to 6 weeks to build neural pathways from the brain to the body.  You may go a little slower before you move faster.

Foot placement for a more effective smooth stride involves using the Heel - Toe Roll technique. 
This simply means that you will be striking your heel first with a relatively straight knee. (#1) then you will role your foot from the heel onto the middle of the foot in a smooth motion that makes you aware of all the those muscles and bones in the foot and so that the weight of the body is rolling over the arch of the foot. (#2)
 Your roll will be subtly toward the outside of the foot and as you roll to the front of the foot it will shift very quickly from the little toe and finish with a push off from the big toe. (#3)

When you begin practicing the Heel - Toe Roll just focus on striking with the heel first and rolling forward though the foot to finish with a toe push off ... the subtle movements can be worked on after the roll starts feeling a little more natural.
So out you go and give it a whirl ... perfect time for a walk30!!

Remember if you feel awkward ... you are doing well.  It takes time but this technique will improve your strength and speed it will also create a smooth motion as you walk over the ground. 

IMPORTANT: If you are doing the Heel - Toe Roll properly you will have a little (or more) shin soreness when you begin your walk ... it will subside as you walk and your shins warm up. This is shin fatigue (not injury) ... your shins are tired because you are actually firing them twice with every step you take. Once when you strike your heel and again when you push off.  A little shin pain tells you that you are on track and strengthening your shins ... it will get better as your shins get stronger. 
It is always good to remember that if you have a pain during a walk and it gets worse and/or lingers after your walk it could be an injury and needs to be monitored or checked into by your doctor. 
It is always a great idea to warm up before you start working on new technique.
Hope you have fun rolling along!
Walk On Strong and ... remember to vote!
Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic is all about walkers ... that's for sure.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day 12 Everybody is out walking30

This time last year walking in Switzerland... it was a day like today!

Day 12 Everybody is out walking30
We were out twice today because it was a spectacular day ... it is 7:30 p.m. and the temperature is 12 degrees C (53 F) and it was up to 18 today!  Yesterday it was winter and snow and today it is Spring and the snow is gone!
It is truly amazing how the warm weather brings people out of their homes , bikes come out of storage and the jackets are tossed aside. YIPEE!  Feels great to have the sun warming you up and the warm breezes blowing at your back.
If you haven't had a chance to venture out of your house ... it's not too late to take advantage.  I am sure that we will be taking the puppy out for a spin later tonight.
Hope everyone had a warm spring like walk30 today where ever you may be. 
Let me know about you weather ... maybe you had a completely different walk30 experience ... I would love to hear about it.
Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic ... a great race for a great cause.
Walk on Strong

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Day 10 Tired of Winter?

Snow ... just keeps coming ... and going!

Day 10 Tired of Winter?
Our Walk On Strong walking group was a little smaller this morning. I was trying to figure out what might have accounted for the reduced attendance this chilly winter morning.  At first we were talking about he fact that it is March Break.  Some of our members could indeed be on a mid-winter holiday ... a possibility.  Then I was thinking about the balmy weather we experienced here on Thursday and then we were hit by snow and blizzard winds on Friday.  I decided that it could very well be that it was tough to get up early and face the cold, icy morning after having a real tease of Spring earlier in the week.  If I wasn't leading the group I might have stayed in bed this morning too!
Congratulations to those who made it out this morning ... and  to those who didn't make it this morning ... that's okay ... we totally understand.
Spring is coming sooner rather than later and next week it looks like the weather Gods are going to be smiling on us once more.  We just have to hang in there and it will get warmer.
Here's to Spring one of my favorite seasons for walking!
We ended up having a great walk30 this morning ... a little icy but hey ... it's still winter.
Walk On Strong,

Friday, 9 March 2012

Day 9 Winter is back!!

A warmer time ... after a 21 K walk!

Day 9 Winter is back!!
Just a quick message from a walker who needs to get out there.  The day has flown by and the walk30 still needs to be done .... so out the door we go into a cold very wintery evening ... wish me luck!
Walk On Strong!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Day 8 Just a walk30 ... that's all folks

Dave on the  Nipigon to Red Rock Trail on Lake Superior ... beautiful!

Day 8 Just a walk30 ... that's all folks,
Once in a while it is enough to simply get out and walk.  Today we had our Walk On Strong Workshop at the Activa Center in Kitchener.  They a have a great walking track ... the perfect place to do intervals and work on walking technique. 
In the winter it is a good idea to find a place you can go to walk30 when the weather is a problem.  With good lighting and sure footing a walk30 can be a super workout and there are no concerns about falling.
We met some friends that we used to teach with years ago and had an extra few laps around the track to add to our training session!
After watching a little TV our puppy needed to have her walk ... so there were were again.
Sometimes your walk may be broken up a little but it gets done and we all feel better for it!
Hope you had a great walk30 too!
Let me know what you think of that great muffin recipe. I will be having one tomorrow for breakfast for sure!
Walk On Strong!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Day 7 Healthy Easy Energizing Breakfast

The Hoito is a wonderful Finnish Restaurant in Thunder Bay

for the  Minds In Motion  
 Day 7 Healthy Easy Energizing Breakfast 
I just ran across this amazing recipe for a breakfast muffin that is extremely easy to make, has healthy ingredients that fill you up for hours and has no sugar in it at all!
It was on the Me and Jorge blog  by Amber that I follow and then I found this video from the Dr. Oz Show with Jorge himself making this muffin. 
       Dr. Oz 5 Minute energy boosters video
I have never been a big fan of flax seed ... I know it is a very healthy seed and gives us incredible benefits ... especially as women ...  I just haven't been a fan of the taste... but I love these muffins!  I have been eating them every day ... I think I have had a treat and I feel full all morning. Win / Win!
Here is the scoop:
The basic recipe is
1/4 cup ground flax seed
1 tsp coconut oil (extremely health oil!)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp stevia (maybe a little less or too taste)
1 egg
Put all this in a mug and stir it up really well ... then pop the mug in the microwave for about 50 to 60 seconds ( I have an older microwave so it takes a minute and a half ).
When done it is at the top of the mug and looks yummy ... just turn it over and it will slide out! BREAKFAST IS READY.
It makes a big filling muffin.
There are tons of options in the preparation: I add a few chopped up almonds and a few blue berries to the mix ... just experiment a little and enjoy!

I am walking30 and doing my Dance class today so it is a very good day! 
Walk on Strong!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day 6 Walk30 is growing

Just heading out on a Tuesday night

Day 6 Walk30 is growing
I just found out that one of our Minds in Motion committee members has accepted the walk30 Challenge for March and not only that she has decided to blog everyday to keep herself on track!
Wow that is amazing ... I thought that I was the only one that was willing to get on the computer everyday and write about my walk30.  Another follower Elaine in Owen Sound also blogged in December and did a photo a day to add to her blog ... so we are now adding Liz at:  http://elizsimpson3555.wordpress.com.  Please keep an eye on this blog ... I know it will inspire!

Dave and I were out tonight with the Walk On Strong group for a 5K walk around the Minds in Motion route ... it went fast and was a great walk30 plus.
Hope you had a great walk30!
Walk On Strong,

Monday, 5 March 2012

Day 5 Real Winter Walk30

Day 5 Real Winter Walk30
Today was a busy day that began with a great massage to iron out the post race aches and pains ... and there were a few.  If you have coverage it is a great idea to book a massage for post race. Actually my husband Dave had the appointment with Julie Weigel ( awesome therapist) and he gave it to me ... thank you Dave!!
Then we had to get ready for a K W Walking Classic committee meeting at 5 p.m. and so most of the day flew by. It was a late night walk with our puppy Annie and boy has she been growing!!
This picture of her is from the ToonPaint app ... it turns a photo into a cartoon ... I love it.
Walk30 was an Annie walk and it was 30 minutes right on because it was the coldest day in over a month and not a night for over exposure. Hope you all had a chance to get out there today for your walk30.
Walk On Strong,

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 4 Walking a Half Marathon

Day 4  Walking a Half Marathon 
Remember to vote for the Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic(up to the right  )
What a day!  Up at 6 a.m. to be ready for pickup at 7 a.m. (thank you Cindy!!).  Off to meet Connie and Maureen and a Sunday drive down the 401 to Burlington and the Chilly Half Marathon! Once there we met Mike and his family that had come to cheer him on.
The race began at 10 a.m. so the hour drive got us there in lots of time.  We had a beautiful day today for a 21K walk.  The Chilly is a race that takes you up and down Lakeshore Boulevard ... it is flat and fast and it sure helps when the sun is shining.
Congratulations to Connie and Maureen on completing their first half marathon! Way to go!!

One of the most exciting things about the race was the condition of my feet during and after ... during a half marathon I normally start to feel blisters forming at about the half way point ( I have done a lot of half marathons and this has happened every time). After the race I take off my shoes and I usually find some very tender toes and a few blisters.  The next day a few toe nails start to turn blue and black and after a while I lose a nail or two and wait months for them to grow back. This is commonly know as runners toe. For me its walkers' toe and it is a pain.  I have tried everything and in the longer distance races I always have toe issues.
The incredible news is that my feet are great tonight ... no blisters no tender spots ... yippee!!  I think that it is all about my New Balance 860 walking shoes!!  I love these shoes ... I know this sounds over the top but I have been a fitness professional for almost 25 years and I have worn a ton of shoes.  These are made specifically for power walking and I have really been enjoying them but the real test for me was the race today ... passed with flying colors.
It is time to put my feet up ... hope you all had a great walk30 today!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Day 3 Chilly Half Marathon Tomorrow

Races are motivating!

Day 3 Chilly Half Marathon Tomorrow 
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We are heading to Burlington tomorrow morning for the Chilly Half Marathon. My husband Dave picked up our awesome jackets today at the Expo so we have our numbers and we are ready to walk. 
The Chilly Half is definitely a race that recognizes walkers and has awards for those of us who choose not to run but to walk on strong.
Wish us luck! I will report back tomorrow after the walk! I will be doing my walk30 six times tomorrow! 
The walk today was windy but the temperature was fair and NO ICE ... yipee!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 2 Walking safely in Winter

Day 2 Walking safely in Winter
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One of our walkers let me in on a secret he has for staying in control on icy streets. On the bottom of his shoe here he has four little bolts that he has sunk into his running shoe.  They are the kind of fasteners you would use for drywall (evidently ... I don't know much about drywall myself).
He said you use very short screws and drill with a fine bit to get them started.
He had just finished a 14K walk with the Saturday group and it was wicked weather last Saturday with a great deal of ice!  He has been doing this for a while and likes the security under foot.
What do other people do in the winter?  Let me know and I can share some of those ideas .. don't worry I won't use your name if you would rather be anonymous.
You can also comment on our Facebook community page or just send me an email. I would love to know how you walk30's are going.
As for me I am going out walking tonight with Dave ... walk and talk ... a good way to put the day in order.
Hope you are having a good one!
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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Day 1 Walk 30 minutes a day for 30 days! Join me!

It's all about marking off the days

Day 1 Come join me in my March walk30 challenge
Hey,  I can't believe that it is the first of the month once again.  Time to begin walking 30 minutes a day for 30 days ... that's it ... sounds easy but as we all know there are a million reasons not to go out the door.  
People always say "it's easy for you because you teach power walking and dance".   Well in a way that is very true.  I became a fitness instructor because I had a hard time getting fitness into my life so I built in a way to be sure I would get out there 2 or three times a week most weeks ... my secret? ... it was teaching fitness.  Because I had to be there for someone else or a group of people I went.   I knew that if it was about going for me and no one else depended on me being there ... well ... I know I wouldn't have been there as often that's for sure.
So when I go and join our walking groups each week and they show up because they were self motivated I am very impressed with them.  When I go to teach my Dance class ... and women that work all day come in the door at 6:30 p.m. ... I am very impressed.
Let's face it, it is easier to sit and watch t.v. or even just stay indoors when you get home at the end of the day.  It takes a great deal of self determination to get out the door to go for a 30 minute walk or to a class. I say BRAVO!
So my challenge helps me get out the door on those days when I don't have to be there for anyone else ... I have been doing the walk30 challenge since November ... each month I start again and I encourage anyone I can to do the same.  It seems easier to restart each month ... 30 days is doable and if I can do thirty days ... why not do it again ... Just for 30 days.
That is it ... so tonight is an easy one because we are at the track coaching our power walking group.  Tomorrow I have to get my own toes out the door and it is getting easier ... I have committed to blogging about it too so that really helps too.  You can tell me or someone else that you are walking30 ... or walk30 with a friend or a group ...  create a goal ...30 minutes a day for 30 days.
It helps! 
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Walk On Strong,