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Monday, 7 December 2015

Healthy Goals Create Change ... Walk30

Hello Walking World!! 

I am back to my walk30 blog!! I decided to have a little summer break ... well maybe a little longer than a little :). 
The habit of writing is very much like the habit of fitness and a healthy lifestyle ... you have to stay at it and make it a part of your life in a consistent planned manner or those good practices can get away from you.
I must say that in my blog absence I have been creating healthier life for myself.  Since August I have created personal goals (30 days at a time) and have been checking in every day, being more mindful and recording my results. 

Here is my list of elements that would be an important part of a healthy day ... they are:
- Walk for a minimum of 30 minutes
- Choose wise portions of health food
- Stretch with yoga a little each day
- Drink at least 8 cups of water
- Take vitamin supplements
- Spend time some quiet mindful time alone (even 5 minutes) 
These have been my goals for the last four months and I have to report that I definitely wasn't 100% successful every day but I paid attention and checked in every evening before going to bed. 
Week by week and month by month I have set these goals for myself and followed them as best I could. It has been four months of being more mindful and paying attention to my habits and I have noticed many changes. 
- I feel and am lighter ... I have consistently lost those extra pounds that have been weighing me down, in oh so many ways, for quite a while. It amounts to about a pound a week ... which doesn't seem like a lot but it sure adds up.  Even more importantly my body fat is about 8% less and BMI is in the normal range.
- I have stepped up my steps ... paying attention made me more accountable to myself somehow and I realized that if I wanted to eat a little more I would have to move a little more.
- I have re-discoverd yoga!  We have joined a local gym where I try to attend a few classes a week and as a result I feel flexible and stronger than I have in years.
- I have not been following a diet but I am avoiding the sugars and processed foods. Paying attention has also made me realize that portion size is a BIG factor in weight gain especially as we get a little older.

 I am back to this blog and would like to invite you to join me in my walking practice ... every day for 30 minutes.
 One of my favorite goals is the Minds In Motion Initiative's K W Walking Classic. I will talk about it more in another blog but if you are anywhere near Waterloo Region in Ontario Canada ... please come and celebrate walking for your body and your mind on Sunday, May 8th 2016.
The video here will explain all about the  Minds In Motion Initiative and the walking event.
Registration just opened with Super Early Bird prices and you can register at our website www.mimiwalks.com.

Walk On Strong!!