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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 8 A beautiful day and a long walk.

Day 8 
A beautiful day and a long walk.
Today was a sunny day just around zero and I decided just to set off for a walk30.  Sunday is a great day to just get out there and when there is a day like today to be had you have to take advantage.
Just a short blog today to promote the virtues of taking advantage of a warm sunny day ... nothing complicated at all.
I am beginning to realize that getting out there is becoming easier with every walk30.
Walk On Strong!

Friday's twilight walk


  1. love to hear about the strengthening of the "core" this is what is taught in Therapeutic riding as well. Standing (or sitting) strong in your core, you can't be knocked down as easy, (or fall off). Love all this advice, even though I don't go as far as some, I feel the difference. Any advice as to how and what to do when your recovering from a bad cold??

    Standing Tall


  2. You are such an amazing hard core 30walker! I think we have just coined a phrase there Elaine! Thank you for believing!