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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Day 2 Back to walking 30 today

Saturday at Seven Shores Cafe ... my crutches and my paintings

December Day 2 Back to walking 30 ... just barely!

Life is so interesting.  It was my intention to send out a rallying call to everyone to get ready to walk30 for December... but life got in the way this week.
 Dave and I were out walking this Thursday, November29th, which was the second last walk30 of the month.  We were walking the dog and decided to head over to an area that we could take her off leash for a little while. Annie runs around and we keep walking around the area until we are ready to put her back on the leash and head for home. It was getting dark and Annie was having a great time. She was quite a distance from me across the field and all of a sudden she turned and started running toward me at full speed. Annie is now almost full grown and a little over 100 lbs so when she is heading in your direction at full tilt with all of her puppy energy it is a little scary. She has never run into either of us in this kind of situation but for some reason I stepped to the side and it was the side that she was swerving toward to avoid me. Steamboat Annie made contact with my knee and I was down screaming. 

The end result was a visit to the doctor, an x-ray, a pair of crutches and an appointment for an MRI.  I am hoping that the MRI is not going to be necessary because I am feeling better and I actually got out for a walk30 today ( a very slow one) on crutches.

So I hope that there are some of you out there that decided to start walking30 in December without me.  For the first time in just over a year I wasn't able to go for my daily walk ... two days in a row. It really felt strange not getting out there so it is my intention to get better really fast and get back to the Walk30 Challenge for December.

I will keep you up to date on my progress with the knee in the days to come.  If nothing else I am learning something about patience.  It was very interesting to be on the path today walking at a snails pace ... but it was okay ... I was out there and that was a blessing.  When I fell down in the field the other night I didn't think that I would be on my feet again for quite a while.   Maybe all this walking has helped me heal!
I hope you are walking30!
Walk On Strong!