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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day 31 I am back!

January 2012 0ne year ago ... our new puppy Annie

Day 31 and I am Back
It is kind of hard to explain but it has been difficult getting back to my walk30 blog over the past few months.  I think that once I had made it through an entire year of blogging and walking30 or more every single day ... it just felt like a kind of holiday from blogging. The other issue was that I had that nasty knee injury at the beginning of December that slowed me down .... literally and figuratively ... but I am glad to report that I just kept walking every single day ... almost.

At first I was walking with crutches, then a cane and slowly I was back to walking on my own power.  After a few weeks I went to our Walk On Strong group as the slowest walker ... it was a humbling experience to have to say "I think that I must slow down  ... I can't keep up this pace".   I am usually the trainer and a strong walker so I had to adjust my expectations ... it was a good lesson. 

Slowly but surely I was getting stronger, faster and more confident although winter weather was making me nervous too because we had ice and snow to deal with.  It gave me a real appreciation of how it must be for those who are dealing with injuries and conditions more serious and on going than my own. When the winter weather hits it takes a lot longer to do the things you want to do and get around but if you are dealing with balance and pain I am sure that it can keep you from even venturing out the door.
January 2013 Annie  One year later
So I am back out there every day walking ... I have only missed one day and that was when I was in bed with the flu.  I am absolutely sure of the fact that it was my strong supporting muscles that saved my knee from a more serious injury.  Having a 105 lb Newfoundland dog hit your knee full throttle can do a lot of damage.

I did have an MRI and found that I had bruised the tibia where it meets the knee, tore the meniscus a little and evidently I had a Bakers cyst that ruptured and I didn't even know I had one ... no wonder it hurt so much ... owch!   The good news is that I have healed up and I think that by keeping things moving, even at a slower pace,  I have helped in my recovery.
Another thing that has kept me from the keyboard and this blog is that I had wanted to have a bold new plan to unfold here ... something fresh for the new year.  I have pondered this a great deal and the bottom line here is that walking30 minutes a day ... every day ... day in and day out is powerful in and of itself.  To feel good and do a number of great things for your general health all you need to do is get out the door every day for 30 minutes. So I am going to make an effort to get to this blog once a week to report my walking and tell you my stories. I am recommitting to Walk30 and I hope that you come along with me on that journey ... let's get out there in February.  There are only 28 days in February so it is a good month to start!
That is it for now ... we are walking tonight at the indoor track to do some intervals so wish me luck!
I hope you join me in February walking30!
Walk On Strong,