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Monday, 29 July 2013

Day 29 Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day

Join me in the August Walk30 Challenge!

Day 29 Benefits of walking 30 minutes a day

If you haven't made a visit to the ShareCare website, which is the new home of RealAge, it is well worth your time.  Real Age is a tool that asks you all kinds of health and lifestyle questions and then computes what your real age is ... health wise. It is an amazing tool and also gives you ideas as to how you can lower the number that you have now and live a longer and healthier life. 
That would be my goal!!

I was checking my email this morning and I had a newsletter from ShareCare.  I just love getting news about walking and this was entitled 5 Big Reasons To Walk. It talks about reasons that could motivate you to walk at least 30 minutes a day. Check it out!

If you are looking for a goal ... why not sign on for a Walk30 in August ... come walk with us ... every day for 30 days.  Challenge yourself to get out the door and Walk30!  

Walk On Strong,

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day 23 Get fit in just a few minutes a week? It's true!

Day 23 Walking Fast - Walking Slow ... it's all good!
Here we are ... in Paris ... starting out on yet another walk around the city.

 Yes, it is true ... walking is the magic bullet for both your physical and your mental health.  All you have to do is get out the door!

We are always on the lookout for reasons to walk that are highlighted in research and in the news.  This weekend we found a few interesting articles in the New York Times and at The Daily Mail website from the UK.  

One article was about HIT, High Intensity Interval training.  The article outlines the amazing the results that a few MINUTES ( that's right, minutes!) of 'as fast as you can' walking or high intensity exercise intervals in any sport can have.  I encountered the concept years ago as a group cycling instructor and have been totally convinced of the power of this simple training technique ever since It was easy to convert H.I.T. to fit with our power walking routine.

Walking at top speed, your personal top speed, for even 20 seconds and repeating that 20 second burst of intensity 3 or 4 times in a half hour walk can create amazing benefits. The super fast intervals are always followed with at least 3 to 5 minutes of recovery.  Every workout needs a warm up, a cool down and stretch ... your done in just around a half hour. Repeat this routine a few times a week and you will reap tremendous benefit.
Check out this article to see what a difference it made in the health of the author.  Here is the link:  How minutes of exercise a week changed my life  written by Vincent Graff
H.I.T will be one of the things you can learn more about at the Minds In Motion Walking Conference on Saturday, October 5 2013 in Waterloo, Ontario. (Check out www.kwwalkingclassic.com for more information and registration.)

The other article was from The NY Times and it was about the benefits of taking a walk after dinner.  Just getting out the door 15 minutes after eating for a brief walk has a major impact on the way you will metabolize your food, your digestion and also has a significant effect on your blood sugar levels ... great reason to come out to walk on Tuesdays!  Here is the article: Really? The Claim: Taking a Walk After a Meal Aids Digestion  . Written by By ANAHAD O'CONNOR

Although I am not here writing as often I am still getting in my walk30 each day ... some days it's a short walk in the evening and other days a longer walk with more energy behind it.  

I am registered for the New Albany Walking Classic Half Marathon so I have to kick it up a notch before the event on September 8th.  If you haven't heard about the New Albany Walking Classic ... the best and one of the only walkers only races in the USA ... be sure to check it out at this link! New Albany Walking Classic.   This is an event with awesome bling and everything that the very best running event has and more!  The only thing that you have to keep in mind ... no running or you will be disqualified! Walkers love this race and New Albany is like a sister event to the Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic. Sadly their event is sold out at 3000 participants in the 10K and the Half Marathon but there is always next year.

Group Walks This Week
If you happen to be anywhere near Waterloo Ontario (maybe a holiday trip??) meet us at Waterloo Public Square on King Street in front of Shoppers Drugmart. Same time every week and we are always there!
Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. for a 5K walk
Saturday at 8 a.m. for a 12K walk
Saturday at 9 a.m. for a 5Kish walk
Please join us at Seven Shores Cafe on Regina Street for a coffee or breakfast after our walk .... everyone welcome!

Walk On Strong,
For more information go to WWW.KWWALKINGCLASSIC.COM