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Monday, 30 April 2012

Day 30 May walk30 begins tomorrow

Please come and join us for a walk ...Waterloo Public Square every Tuesday and Saturday morning

Day 30 May walk30 begins tomorrow
If you want to get out there ... please join me for the walk30 Challenge for May. Start tomorrow May 1 and just get out the door ... just keep on walking until you have 30 minutes under your belt and then see if you can do the same thing the next day ... you will feel better for it! Guaranteed!
Today was a super busy day and I was feeling my scratchy throat and runny nose at the end of it all.  Dave and I watched a little TV and then I started talking about getting out there ... IN THE RAIN ... for my walk30.  Dave said "your not feeling well   ... you could miss your walk".  After 6 moths of walking30 every day I don't think a cold is going to stop me from getting out there.  To my surprise it just felt good to be walking in the rain and the walk30 just rolled along.
Please come and join me for the May Walk30 Challenge  ... it's worth it!
Walk On Strong!

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 29 Body weight strength training

The 2012 bowling team for the K W Walking Classic as promised

  Day 29 Body weight strength training ... a great addition to a walk30 challenge!

I just have to share another amazing website that I found called greatist.com.  Within that website there is a wealth of information but there was one article in particular that you must check out called 50 body weight exercises you can do anywhere.
I am a BIG fan of exercises that do not require any fancy fitness equipment ... just the weight that your body naturally provides.  So those extra pounds that we complain about the most can be a huge asset when it comes to body weight training. I think that you will get lots of ideas from this article and it is spiced with some unique graphics that will help you with technique. The idea that you are the gym is a novel one but it is true.
 I have blogged about body weight exercises that can benefit walkers before but you will find a lot of variety and can mix it up to create your own body weight bootcamp.
The 'Greatist' website is a go to site for lifestyle information as you can tell by the description below from the website under the Get Started link on the home page:
"Greatist is your go-to source for all things fitness, health, and happiness. We’re committed to providing incredibly accessible and meticulously verified content to enable you to get the most out of life on your terms. After all, at the end of the day, it’s not about six pack abs and a hot beach bod. It’s about being the greatist you. The Greatist Team has a simple mission: to inspire and inform the world to make at least one healthier decision per week. Over time, we believe those weeks will add up and our readers (and our world) will be better for it."

You are the greatest!  Why not check out the Greatist website ... we can always add a little more greatness to our lives!
Hope your walk30 rocked today ...
Are you joining me May1st for the May walk30 Challenge??
Let me know at:walkonstrong@gmail.com
Walk On Strong,

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Day 28 Come walk with us!


Our Minds In Motion Bowling Team 2011 ... stay posted for this year's Team photo in a few days

Day 28 Come walk with us!

Today was a great day ... a Saturday walk30 with the Walk On Strong group then an afternoon at a fundraising Bowlathon for the Region of Waterloo Suicide Prevention Council. The entire facility was filled up with bowling teams from all kinds of mental health agencies, schools and individuals who have been touched in some way by suicide.
It feels good to support a cause and our cause is definitely mental health ... enhancing everyone's mental and physical health through getting out there walking and giving our bodies the boost they need to function their best.
I have been talking about our event ... Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic a lot in this blog because my husband and I are two of the founders of the event and like so many other families, our family has had its challenging journey that comes from caring and supporting someone through to recovery from serious mental illness.
We wanted to create an event that celebrates the journey to wellness and gets the word out that it is okay to talk about your struggles and look for help along the way. Our event is a super event for the competitive walker but it is also a wonderful and inspiring goal race for someone who wants to get off the couch and feel better.
We all want to be healthier and we all have stress in our lives.  Making things better for yourself and possibly someone else can be as simple as just getting out the door every day to walk  for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour.
Why not come walk with us and set yourself a goal to do your first 5 K, 10 K or maybe even a half marathon (21 K) on September 23 in the race that is for walkers only!  We have all the bling of a top rated running event but it's all about walking. You can raise dollars too ... to help provide properly fitting athletic shoes for someone using fitness to help them recover their life and live longer.

 You must be the change that you want to see in the world -Gandhi

Walk On Strong!


Friday, 27 April 2012

Day 27 Walking keeps us healthy

 Day 27  Walking keeps us healthy!

This morning I woke up with a scratchy throat and it really threw me for loop ...  I haven't had a sniff or a cough since I started walking30 almost 6 months ago. So I was off to the internet to find some facts about colds and walking and I found this article at The Telegraph Newspaper in the UK ... hope you enjoy it!

Walking keeps colds at bay but marathons can cause the flu say scientists

Too much exercise damages the immune system and makes people more prone to colds and flu, a study has found.

Walking keeps colds at bay but marathons can cause the flu say scientists 
On the other hand, a regular brisk walk can keep winter colds and flu at bay.
Moderate exercise strengthens the body's defences against nose and throat infections such as the common cold, flu and sinusitis, according to expert Professor Mike Gleeson.
But too much exercise might be as bad as too little for the immune system.
Different levels of exercise significantly increase or decrease the chances of catching an upper-respiratory tract infection (URTI), said Prof Gleeson, from the University of Loughborough.
Physical activity helps determine individual susceptibility to infection along with other factors such as genetics, stress, nutrition and sleep, he told the Association for Science Education conference at the University of Liverpool.
In the meantime ... I did my walk30 today (a little slower) ... and enjoyed it.  I am drinking lots of water and getting my vitamin C and I will let you know if I have a quick recovery ... I hope so.
Walk On Strong,

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 26 Walk off calories

Hello Annie!  I love this app! ... Toon Paint!

Day 26 Walk off calories ... and sculpt your body ...
I just found a great article at the FitnessMagazine.com website ... a walking plan for weight loss.
 From that article:
"Check out the latest skinny on walking: Women between the ages of 18 and 30 who walked at least four hours a week were 44 percent more likely to lose weight during the 15 years they were tracked than those who didn't walk at all -- regardless of what other exercise they did, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. To hit that magic 240-minute-a-week total, follow this simple plan created by Malin Svensson, a walking and fitness expert in Los Angeles. You'll not only burn off 1,300 calories this week but also firm up trouble zones that your average stroll ignores."
by Martica Heaner, PhD for the FitList."
Four hours per week is just a touch over 30 minutes a day ... how about that.  We keep finding evidence for walking30! 
Today my walk30 (plus a little)  was with the Walk On Strong Personal Best group ... we were powering up hills like there was no tomorrow ... well done!  It is an inspiration to walk with this group ... thanks so much!
Walk On Strong!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 25 Walk in the Best Half Marathon

Day 25 Walk in the best Half Marathon ... Early Bird prices will be over after May first

Today's blog is all about early registration for the K W Walking Classic ... come and walk with us ... you are going to love it ... here is the scoop!
Early Bird Registration has been extended until May 1 2012!
Register now to save!
There are only 500 spots available in each race

The 5th Annual ‘Minds in Motion - KW Walking Classic’
Canada’s First Walkers Only Competitive Event
Sunday, September 23, 2012

Enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of rigorous exercise, and the fun and excitement of a competitive event!  There is a timed and marshaled race for every fitness level - 5K, 10K and Half Marathon!
(and a long-sleeved technical shirt, finishing medals, a Race Expo on Sept 22, and more!)

Register by visiting our website:  www.kwwalkingclassic.com or go to the Running Room registration page
Here is what others have said about our event:

“The race was amazing today. You guys are amazing. All the work you have done and smiling faces the whole time...” – K.A.

“A man said... ‘You see these shoes on my feet, I have these because you walked in the race today.’ We cried about that...” - S.A.

“I enjoyed the speaker who told his life events. Bravo to him. I got the point what all this about.” – S.B.
Support our cause and help provide for a healthier lifestyle for those recovering from mental health concerns, their families and the people who support them.  Our event provides an opportunity to assist those who are choosing to use physical exercise as a support to their recovery from serious mental health concerns.   We have provided  hundreds of properly fitted athletic shoes for those on fixed incomes recovering from mental health issues who want to get fit.  Help us meet our goal by participating in the race and by fundraising  - click here to download the Pledge Form or visit our website.

Team Registration
Each Team will have a designated Captain for each of the distances that are in the Race in which your members are participating.  ie: If you have participants in the 10km and the half-marathon, you will need a Captain for the 10km distance and a Captain for the Half Marathon distance.
When you register for the race as the Captain you will be asked to enter the Team Name, and select the Team Category that you wish your Team to register under.  Ensure that each Team Captain registers using the same Team Name.
The Team Captain will receive a confirmation email that her/his Team is registered including a link and password, and the Team Name will appear on the Team drop-down list.  As Team Captain you may then invite members to join your Team by sending them the link and your Team password.
Each member joining your Team will register individually and pay the regular registration fee.
To manage your Team go to your Athlete Dashboard where you can view your registration and Team information - As Team members join your Team they will automatically be listed.  If you have any questions about teams, please visit our website or contact Rob Martin at:  rmartin@waterlooregionalhomes.com or call 519 742 3191 ext. 250
Walk On Strong!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Day 24 Take a walk

Walking makes a difference to you ... and others ... like Annie!

Day 24  Take a walk
Another article from RealAge.com about the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes ... it can't be a big surprise that taking a walk makes a difference:
" Take a Walk
The simple act of walking is still one of the best exercises you can do for diabetes, says Betul Hatipoglu, MD, an endocrinologist at Cleveland Clinic. "It’s easy," she says. "You just need a pair of shoes. You can do it anywhere, anytime." If it’s been a while since you exercised, start by taking three 10- to 15-minute walks a day. Do errands on foot, walk through the mall, or take a midday walk at lunch. Aim to walk a total of 30 to 45 minutes a day, or strap on a pedometer and try to log 10,000 steps daily."

More reasons to walk! 
Today was another cold blustery snow / rainy day ... yuck! But by the time it was time to walk with the group ... it was sunny and not too chilly. Sometimes it's good to wait for your walk30!
Hope you had a good one!
Walk On Strong!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Day 23 Walking and Bowling

Day 23 Walking and Bowling ... what do they have in common?

The Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic has a bowling team!
After walking this Saturday May 28th Carrie, Dave, Nadia and I will be heading over to Fredrick Bowling Alley to bowl in the Suicide Prevention Bowlathon.  If you would like to support our team with a pledge ... we would be very happy to have that support. You can see any one of us if you have a donation ... we will be there on Tuesday and Thursday with pledge sheets.
This organization does amazing work in our region to help promote discussion, educate and prevent suicide from happening ... we can help them make a difference.

                   Weekly Walking News
The Walk On Strong workshops Intro to Power Walking and the Personal Best groups are in week three. We will be meeting at Sue and Dave’s ... 74 Boehmer Street in the studio behind the house. Looking forward to seeing you at 6:30 pm.
Free Weekly Walks with WOS  meet at the Waterloo Public Square this week and every week.
Tuesday at 6:30 p.m for a 5 K walk with Sue
Saturday at 8 a.m. for a 14 K walk with Sue
Saturday at 9 a.m. for a 6 K walk with Dave
And join us at the Seven Shores Cafe for coffee and breakfast afterward!!
Walk On Strong,

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day 22 walking30 with the dog!

Getting Annie out the door!
Day 22 walking30 with the dog!
Today is just a simple walk the dog for 30 minutes. What more can I say. One of the best ways to get out the door is to get a puppy ... but it does complicate you life in other ways. Hope you had a great walk30 today too!
Walk On Strong,

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Day 21 We have walked three half Marathons this month

Saturday morning 12 K walk! ... The leaders!


 Day 21 We have walked three half Marathons this month

If you have been walking30 this month then you have walked at least 3 half marathons ... one per week so far this month.  Just take a moment and think of just how far one half marathon is ... 21 K ... Wow. You have completed at least 3 of those 21K accomplishments. Remember that every 30 minute walk you take will net you 3 Kms and every 7 days you have logged 21 K ... a half marathon.  That is nothing to sneeze at.  You can walk a little taller and a little stronger knowing that you are making a difference.
Walk On Strong!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Day 20 Walk 30 minutes every day

The leaves are coming!
Out we go!

 Day 20 Walk 30 minutes every day ... more reasons to get out there

I am always looking for interesting and different articles about walking and specifically about walking 30 minutes a day.  I was lucky today to find this article on the TLC website written by Jasmin Malik Chua called Walk 30 minutes every day!
She has a great angle that I had never thought of in regard to walking, although I should have! When you are walking you are traveling and you are not driving your car and therefor you are impacting the environment ... very cool!
Here are some of the amazing statistics from her article.
"The payoffs of cutting both calories and carbon dioxide are huge: If all Americans between 10 and 74 walked just half an hour a day instead of driving, we would slash annual U.S. emissions of global-warming carbon dioxide by 64 million tons. Plus, not only would we save about 6.5 million gallons of gasoline, but we would also shed more than 3 billion pounds overall." (think of the impact we Canadians could make with all our litres of gas saved!!)
 I love that!  We can do this walk30 challenge for ourselves and at the same time make a difference to the planet.  Maybe a few times a week we could do a destination walk30 with a purpose ... some kind of trip that you would normally take the car for.  There are many walk30s that I will do just to get out the door but I think that I will try to replace a car trip with a walk30 at least once or twice per week.
So have a good one today ... maybe head over to the grocery store or park your car about 15 minutes away and walk to and from ... we have done that when heading to the show downtown.
Walk On Strong,

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Day 19 Walk On Strong!

A memorable walk in Nipigon last May!

Day 19 Walk On Strong!
The highlight of the day was walking with our workshop group!  One of our members has returned after a long time away.  We worked on some basic technique and on core strength ... which truly helps to make us stronger walkers.  There is nothing better than a good training session with old friends ... that's for sure.
Walk On Strong!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 18 My Day 170th of Walk30

More Spring flowers!

Day 18  My Day 170th  of Walk30

WOW! Today I just stopped to think about how many days in a row I have been walking30 ... and  ... holy cow ... it really adds up ... I am closing in on 6 months at the end of April. I know there are a few of you out there who started walking30 with me on November first  and I am sure that you feel just as good as I do!  If you have done one month of Walk30's or two or three you should all feel rather accomplished.  I have been lucky that nothing has stood in my way (knock on wood).  I think that my walking habit has contributed to my good health though. Since I started walking30 I have also lost weight (12 lbs) and I feel more trim and fit.
Just google Walking and Immunity and you will find endless research that supports walking30 (or more) every day.
How have you benefited from walking30?
Let me know what you feel is the biggest benefit.
Until tomorrow ... Walk On Strong!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Day 17 Walking away weight


Day 17 Walking away weight

I love the SparkPeople website!   If you don't know about it you should because it is a free resource for those of us looking for information about healthy lifestyle and exercise. You can track your food, exercise and get unlimited resources at your fingertips! 

 I just got one of their newsletters with an article about Finding You Perfect Weight  ... it is a well balanced article that helps you move toward choosing a realistic healthy weight goal.
The following is a direct quote from that article by Dean Anderson Fitness Expert for SparkPeople
"You’re at your ideal body weight when:
  • Your weight isn’t causing (or putting you at risk for) any health problems
  • Your weight doesn't limit you from living the life you want
  • You can accept your body as it is, without feeling uncomfortably self-conscious
  • You can enjoy being in your own skin, without worrying too much about how you compare to others (or cultural ideals)"
We are all unhappy with some aspect of our body and appearance and sometimes that is our only motivation to begin an exercise program or take up a challenge like walk30. I like this assessment of ideal body weight because it steers away from the common problem our society has with unrealistic role models that we see in the media. Dean points out that your ideal weight is much more than a number on a scale.
One of the people in our walking workshop mentioned that she hadn't lost any weight since she began walking with us but she had really noticed that her body was changing and that she was losing inches.  Others have definitely lost weight but you really have to do more than just add walking to your life if you want to make significant reductions in your weight to improve your health.
But as the article from Spark People indicates it is very important to begin with a realistic and healthy goal for yourself that can be fine tuned as you get closer to that goal.
How has walking30 helped you in your fitness and weight loss goals?? I would love to hear from you.
You can email me directly at:
walkonstrong@gmail.com or just leave a comment in the box below.
Walk On Strong! 

Monday, 16 April 2012

Day 16 Weekly Walking News

Walk On Strong Walking Group Saturday 10K
Day 16 Weekly Walking News
We send out weekly news to all of our walkers to let them know what we are up to ... here it is for this week.
This is just a quick Weekly Walking news cast!
We hope that everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and wanted to remind you that we will go walking no matter what the weather unless there is a down pour or lightning of course. 

 Dave and I make an effort to be there even if the weather is questionable so even if we don’t go walking we have been known to go out for a beverage instead!

Weekly Walking News

The Walk On Strong workshops Intro to Power Walking or the Personal Best groups are in week two. We will be meeting at Sue and Dave’s ... 74 Boehmer Street in the studio behind the house. Looking forward to seeing you at 6:30 pm.
Please join us if you would like to ... we are only in week 2 and it is a small group this time around.
Free Weekly Walks with WOS  meet at the Waterloo Public Square this week and every week.
Tuesday at 6:30 p.m for a 5 K walk with Dave and Sue
Saturday at 8 a.m. for a 12 K walk with Dave
Saturday at 9 a.m. for a 5 to 6 K walk with Sue
And join us at the Seven Shores Cafe for coffee and breakfast afterward!!
Walk On Strong,
Sue and Dave

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Day 15 A Sunday Walk30

A Sunday walk30

Day 15 A Sunday Walk30
        "All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. "
-Friedrich Nietzsche

Sometimes when there are things on your mind and you need to just let it all go ... a walk is all that is called for.  There are also times when a walk is the last thing that you feel like doing ... that is when the walk30 habit comes in handy. 
After the birthday celebration for a friend today we took Annie down by the Grand River for a walk and then up to the off leash park ... this is becoming a very popular spot for our dog ... she loves it. 
It felt good to just head out on a Sunday afternoon to simply relax and let go!  Hope you had a chance to enjoy a great Sunday walk30 too!
Walk On Strong!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Day 14 Walking ideas

Walking through the woods this morning

Day 14 Walking Ideas  ... an informative website
One of my other favorite pastimes, other than walking, is browsing around the world wide web looking for walking websites and information. I was lucky enough to find a very informative website www.walkideas.com when I googled 'interesting walking facts'.  Check out the article about staying motivated ... there are lots of good ideas that will help to keep you moving out the door for your walk30.
The walkideas website is based in the UK. Some of the walkers from our group are heading to The Lake District in July this year ... I think that this will be a wonderful resource for them.  Take a little time to give walkideas a good look!
We were back into the woods this morning on one of our favorite 10 K walks with the Saturday morning gang ... Walk On Strong!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Day 13 Dinner and a walk30

Spring flowers in Toronto ... a memorable walk!

Day 13 Dinner and a walk30
Today was a very busy day .... no time to walk.  We had a meeting for the race in the late afternoon
... no time to walk and we rushed home because we had to get to our good friends' home for dinner.  Paul had asked us to bring our puppy Annie with us, they are very brave people.  They have an older dog and actually the two dogs got along quite well.  After dinner we went for a long walk with the dogs.  I can't say that we have gone on a walk after dinner on a night out with friends in a long time that I can remember.  We probably have when we have been out at the lake or camping but not as often in the city.  It was a good way to visit ... walking and talking our way along.
So it was a wonderful walk30 today for us ... how was yours?
Walk On Strong!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Day 12 Great walking information from About.com


Day 12 About. com Walking Information 

I just received an email from Wendy at About.com for walkers ... this is an outstanding site with just about everything you ever wanted to know about walking.  This week she is letting us know about plans to help you prepare for a 5 K, 10 K, Half and full Marathon! Of course there is also some news about the recent winners of the Best Walker Friendly Half Marathon the Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic!! and here is the scoop from about.com for walkers'...

"Walkers nominated and voted from among the finalists for the favorite walker friendly 13.1-mile half marathon.

Winner: Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic Half Marathon 

 Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic

The K W Walking Classic is held in late -September in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It's a smaller event, limited to 1,500 walkers. It has good bling for the bucks (or the loonies!), with a finisher medal and long-sleeved technical T-shirt for all finishers. A nominator said, "This race is the best because it is devoted to WALKERS! A walker's only half marathon with great energy, the best bling, gleaming finishing medals, well organized, most welcoming inspirational event. And we do it all to raise funds for mental health initiatives in our region."
Make sure you check out this informative website ... one of my personal favorites.
 Tonight we hosted week one of the Walk On Strong Power Walking workshops ... such a lot of fun!
Walk On Strong!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Day 11 Warming up for your workout

Walking on the Grand River trail ... nice!

  Day 11 Warming up for your workout

I get some great email newsletters from Prevention Magazine in my inbox on a regular basis.  One that caught my eye today included this informative video about how to warm up for your workout.
As a walker I believe that we usually don't really think about warming up beyond just getting out there and starting our walk.  If If you start out slow and dedicate your first 5 to 10 minutes to warming up your body  ... that works as a warm up.  But if you are planning on pushing yourself a little more during your walk ... say you are pushing your heart rate through intervals or hill training it might be a good idea to do more than a warm up walk to prepare your body for a little more stress.
I like this warm up because she concentrates on bringing more lubrication to the major joints that you are using in a strong walking session.  This would also make a great warm up to start your day ... just hop out of bed and move those joints.
Today I walked30 with my friend Cynthia from around the corner ... great company and a good walk30 ... what more can you ask for.
Walk On Strong!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Day 10 Commit to walking a Half Marathon

The Best Walker Friendly Half Marathon!! That's right!

Day 10 Commit to walking a Half Marathon
The Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic has extended the Early Bird prices until May 1st!
All we need is you ... making a commitment to a race is a great way to get yourself out the door!  If you are looking for a reason to walk30 ... this is it!
When you have put yourself on the roster it really does something magical to your motivation to get ready for the big event.  The K W Walking Classic is a little less than six months away so you will have lots of time to train and get ready for September 23rd.
If a half Marathon(21 K) feels like a stretch there is always a 5 or a 10 K to get you started ... whatever the distance you will be out the door getting ready.
Our walk30 was in the rain and snow this evening with the Walk On Strong group ... a little chilly but great company.  Dave and I were thinking that there would be a small group tonight but we were
surprised to see a huge group at the mall when we arrived.
Thanks to all who braved the cool weather!
Walk On Strong!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Day 9 Easter Monday

Walking down the Walter Bean Trail

Day 9 Easter Monday ... great day for walk30
Today was a day off from school and work for a number of people. It is a day that is supposed to be for catching up or just lazing around.  The perfect day for a walk30.  Dave and I headed to the Grand River to walk the dog along the river path and then on to the off leash dog park ... Annie's first such experience!
She was bold and brazen  and made it through with flying colors.  The only problem with the off leash park is that the owners just stand around ... so I left Dave with Annie and I headed down the path to do a few hills while I was waiting.
All in all a beautiful day and a great walk30 ... hope you had a good one too!
Walk On Strong!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Day 8 Toronto walk30

Front Street in Toronto
Walking down Younge Street

Day 8 Toronto Walk30
This was the last day of my Toronto long weekend.  This morning my friend Elaine wanted to get out and walk30 first thing.  As we walked south on Younge Street toward the waterfront she talked about how walking30 has changed her life. Getting up early in the morning in Owen Sound where she lives she gets out and walks to clear her mind and energize her for the whole day.  It was so good to hear that this habit of walking30 every day has an impact on others. 

I walked back down to the Waterfront to meet Dave and we walked around a little more near the St Lawrence Market and then headed out of town and back to Kitchener.  
It was a great walking adventure weekend in Toronto and I highly recommend it to all!
Walk On Strong!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Day 7 Walking30 in Toronto ...again

lunch in the AGO Members club ... YUM!
... wandering the galleries

Day 7 Walking30 in Toronto ... again
Today we walked30 to the subway and then travelled to the Art Gallery of Ontario.  Elaine and I spent the whole day there and still didn't see half of what there was to see.  What we did see was inspirational and we decided that art galleries really make you want to just go home and paint ... which is a good thing if you are an artist!
We had a glorious lunch in the members club and felt quite decedant and indulgent ... a good feeling to have once in a while. By the time we were done walking back  it was almost 6 p.m. 

Before heading home I have to reflect upon how easy it was to walk not only for 30 minutes but for the whole day here in the city core. It helped to have the past few days free to visit galleries and wander without a schedule but it is a lot easier to just walk when you are within a walkable distance and the public transpert is at hand.
It has been a great coulple of days and a real inspiration ... time to go home and paint in my studio!
Walk On Strong!

Friday, 6 April 2012

Day 6 Walking30 in Toronto

Day 6 Walking30 in TorontoDay
Just a quick blog entry today because I am using a different computer and you know what that is like ... ahhhhh!
I had an amazing day of walking with my artist friend Elaine ... we walked all day in and around Toronto ... I MEAN ALL DAY!  Elaine is an avid walk30ite ( if there is such a thing) and was keen to tour around looking for the Distillery District ... it took us a while and we had to ask directions but we found it and it was worth the search!  Artist's heaven!  I have tons of pictures  which I will share tomorrow after I find a coffee shop with an internet connection. Tomorrow it will be the AGO and more art for us to aspire to.  Until then ... Walk On Strong!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Day 5 Why walk?

Walking with my sister in Calgary Alberta ... last summer

Day 5 Why walk?
I found a great article ( Why Walk?) at the www.gaiam.com website with some fun facts that will motivate you to get out there for your walk30!  There has been a great deal of research that has highlighted the impressive benefits that walking 30 minutes for at least 5 days in every week can have on your body and your mind.
More and more we are hearing about the connection between a strong walking habit and a settled calm mind.  I found this information in the article Why Walk:
The Duke University Medical Center found that a brisk 30-minute walk or jog around a track three times a week was just as effective as antidepressant medication in relieving the symptoms of major depression in middle-aged and elderly people.
It would seem to make sense that this would be true for anyone who is getting out there for that 30 minute walk no matter what the age but the fact is that we are starting to recognize that we can make a difference in our mental health with something as simple as a walk ... amazing. 
I have noticed more and more that my walk30 helps to put my day into perspective and help to sort out my thoughts ... after a while it becomes one of the things that you fit in no matter what.
Walk On Strong!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Day 4 Keep on Walking

The next best thing ... dancing!

Day 4 Keep on Walking and if you can't walk ... DANCE!
I love Wednesdays because I get to dance ... that's right it is A Chance to Dance night and it is a great way to get rid of a bit of stress and have some fun.  On Wednesdays I also get a walk30 in and it is good but there is something about dancing that really helps the stress level.  No matter what you choose to help you get through the day ... enjoy it and ( to quote Nike ) Just Do It!
Walk On Strong!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Day 3 Walk On Strong!

Tuesday walking group from Waterloo Public Square
Day 3 Walk On Strong!
It was a great night for a walk ... we had 3 new walkers out with the group, the weather was mild and the route scenic ... what more can you ask for.  Thanks to all who ventured forth this evening ... it made for a perfect walk30 plus!
Walk On Strong!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Day 2 Planning a walking race

Celebrating after the race in September 2011!

Day 2 Planning a walking race
Today was devoted to the getting ready for the Minds in Motion race and getting ready for the planning committee meeting.  There is a lot of time and energy that goes into any event and a walking race is no different. The big bonus is that there is an amazing group of people that you get to know and work with that have their hearts in the event and really want to make a difference in the lives of people who are bravely facing the challenges of mental health concerns; be it family members, staff or individuals who are facing those challenges head on. 
It is all worth the effort and I would just like to say thank you to all of the committee members and volunteers that make our event so wonderful!
Thank you for all you do and for the enthusiasm that keeps us moving toward the goal of creating an exciting event that elevates walking and busts a little stigma around mental health at the same time.
Well done!!
Have a great walk30 ... after the meeting we did!
Walk On Strong!
Very proud Co-chair of the Minds in Motion - K W Walking Classic

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Day 1 April Walk30 Challenge begins

The first step is the most difficult!


 Day 1 April Walk30 Challenge begins

‘There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting.’ ~Buddha

I found this Quote at the Zen Habits blog written by Leo Babauta.  It looks like a wonderful blog and worthy of checking out.

I waited a long time to begin my first walk30 challenge and my daily blog.  It is not an easy thing to commit to any kind of challenge that involves rearranging you life to fit something new into an already busy schedule.  
The benefits of making that commitment have been great and plentiful and at the same time it was not an easy thing to make that promise to myself and to keep on going day after day. 
If you have decided to walk30 for the month of April ... congratulations!  That is the first  (proverbial) step and it is the most difficult. 
Let's see where it will take us!
Walk On Strong,