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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day 18 My Day 170th of Walk30

More Spring flowers!

Day 18  My Day 170th  of Walk30

WOW! Today I just stopped to think about how many days in a row I have been walking30 ... and  ... holy cow ... it really adds up ... I am closing in on 6 months at the end of April. I know there are a few of you out there who started walking30 with me on November first  and I am sure that you feel just as good as I do!  If you have done one month of Walk30's or two or three you should all feel rather accomplished.  I have been lucky that nothing has stood in my way (knock on wood).  I think that my walking habit has contributed to my good health though. Since I started walking30 I have also lost weight (12 lbs) and I feel more trim and fit.
Just google Walking and Immunity and you will find endless research that supports walking30 (or more) every day.
How have you benefited from walking30?
Let me know what you feel is the biggest benefit.
Until tomorrow ... Walk On Strong!

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