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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 30 for walk30 Let's do it again!

Day 30 for walk30!
We made it to day 30! ... 4 half marathons later and lots of great walks and talks.  On our way home from picking up a few things for my art show on the weekend I suggested that we do something different for the very last day of the walk30 for November ... we went to the indoor walking track at the Activa Sportsplex.  Some of you that come on Thursdays and train with Dave and I are familiar with this facility ... it can be busy in the evening but it is empty at 9 p.m.!  We had a great walk and almost had the track to ourselves.

So what is next ?? December walk30 is ready to go ... come join the walk30 habit .. whether you are just thinking of making it through the holidays and burning a few more calories or you are walking your way to 60 days in a row ... let's all walk on strong!!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Day 29 Wet Wet Wet ... with lots of fun puddles!

This is an amazing painting by an amazing artist and friend, Elaine Davidson ... I chose it today because this is how I felt as I splashed through the puddles on my walk30 this evening  ...  just like a kid again!
 Day 29  
Today was cloudy with various levels of rainfall ... light , medium and a downright down pour.  I was working away in my art studio thinking that I would be doing my walk30 with the Tuesday Walk on Strong group ... no worries.  We left the house with all of our luminous rain gear on but it was hardly raining at all.  
We got to the Waterloo Public Square and met with ...... Liz!  The three of us were going to head out but we were joined by Maggie and her husband John!  ... and then Michelle came at the very last minute!!
A few weeks ago we had about 33 walkers on Tuesday but the rain forecast really puts a damper on things ... so to speak. 
We walked around the University trying to miss all the puddles but I finally gave in to my inner child and totally soaked my feet ... after that I was jumping in the puddles and got totally dripping wet ... it was FUN!
Congratulations to all of you who have walked30 for 30 days ... come join us for the next 30 days and be fit and healthy as we walk30 into 2012.
See you tomorrow ...Walk On Strong!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Day 28 When you're walking ...Be Visible!

Out walking30 tonight ... wow!  Dave has to be 
the best example of a visible walker.

Day 28 ... I have to point out that if you have been following walk30 for the past 28 days ... you have just finished
4 Half Marathons ... CONGRATULATIONS!!!  
If you haven't been walking30 why not make December first your day one and help yourself to get though the holidays with a walk30 habit. 
While you are out there at night be sure to wear clothing that will make you stand out.  We are always talking about safety with our Walk On Strong group and emphasizing that you need to be careful in the dark with traffic.  Last night I was crossing on a well lit street near our home and I was crossing in the crosswalk and thought the car that was turning left in front of me saw me there.  I was dressed in a darker colored coat and I don't think that person driving was paying attention because they came very close to connecting to me with their car ... oh my!  It was good reminder to be sure to be visible when I am out there walking30!
Make sure that you are safe out there ... wear reflective clothing like Dave and maybe even a turtle light!  If you don't know what a turtle light is just check back in the walk30 blog.
Walk On Strong!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Day 27 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Add caption
Day 27 A rainy day ... I mean really rainy!!
I waited all day for the rain to stop to do my walk30 ... it is an easy thing to do ... wait.  But some days the rain never stops and you just have to put on a rain coat and head out. So it was after dinner and dark but I didn't mind because the lights are starting to pop out everywhere along our street.  Yesterday was the perfect day for putting the lights up and you can tell that a lot of people took advantage of that!
I love the lights at this time of year, it just makes the world a warmer place. 
My walk30 is done for today ...  time to finish up and turn in ... Walk On Strong,

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Day 26 Lots of walking while the weather is warm

Back to the woods again today with the Saturday Walk On Strong group
Day 26 
Dave and I are off to the Food and Drink Show at the Kitchener Market downtown!  We are walking about 3K there and it is a beautiful night again for heading out the door! Hopefully our exercise we will make up for a glass of wine and some yummy food samples that are in store for us.  There is also entertainment ... should be fun!  I think that this event is a first for Kitchener.

This morning both groups headed for the woods ... 8 a.m. group did a repeat of last week's 12 K plus a few more and the 9 a.m. group went as far as the hills in the woods off of Union and Margaret Streets. Lots of climbing was involved hat's for sure.
This morning I was reading the newspaper and noticed an article by Dr. Oz.  He was talking about ways that you can head off type 2 diabetes ... one of the fundamental lifestyle changes he suggests is to walk 30 minutes everyday!  Well ... we have that one down!
pat on the back for your effort to get out the door ... that is where we are headed right now ... Walk On Strong.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Day 25 A walk30 in the dark

... a night time walk in Annecy France last March ... so beautiful.
Day 25  It was a beautiful day today in Waterloo Region ... it was 15 degrees C, sunny and a perfect day for a walk30.  Dave and I decided to go for a walk before dinner .. it was so warm that we decided to walk 45 minutes!
We walked a little slower that usual and enjoyed the journey.  Remember to slow yourself down occasionally and just do a walk30 for the pure pleasure of getting outside and breathing deeply ... it feels good.  
If you would like a 14 K walk with a great group of people please join us at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning with Dave as your guide.  If a shorter walk is what you are looking for then I will be there at 9 a.m. (Waterloo Public Square) to go for a 6 K walk. Hope to see you.
Walk On Strong!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Day 24 A walk30 at the mall

Just walking down the trail!

Day 24 .... YES it is true ... you can count your walk in the mall as long as you walk like you mean it.

This evening we had our Walk On Strong workshop at the New Balance store at the Conestoga Mall.  We learned about the walking shoes and how to go about choosing the right shoe for your needs. The New Balance store manager, Ryan, gave us a great presentation and then we walked around the mall ... outdoors that is  ... for a perfect walk30.
Thanks to Ryan and all who attended!
If you are having a hard time fitting in your walk30 and the cold wind is blowing consider just taking it to the mall ... start off with a serious walk around the periphery a few times and then do a little shopping. Once in a while you can change up your walk and get a few names off your Christmas list at the same time.
Members of the weekly walks can get a 15% discount at the Conestoga New Balance store ... just mention that you walk with Dave and Sue!
Walk On Strong,

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Day 23 Art days are fun!

Day 23 was great!
My friend Elaine is visiting from Owen Sound and we had a day of art today ... all day in the studio painting ... life is good!
We finished off art day with a visit to the art store... it just doesn't get any better.

 Elaine is a recent new walk30 convert so she was keen to get a walk30 in before the sun went down.  After the art store we went to Cambridge and walked through Riverside Park ... 15 minutes out and 15 back. 
A great end to a creative day!
Try out a location that you haven't been to in a while on your walk30.  
Take care and Walk On Strong!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Christmas tree is up in the Waterloo Public Square ... no snow though ... just freezing rain
Day 22 ... Well the Walk On Strong group walk is Tuesday so that's our walk30 on Tuesdays for sure. We meet at 6:30 at the Waterloo Public Square right beside Shoppers.  Everyone is welcome to join us!!!   As soon as we pulled out of the driveway .... the freezing rain began ... and it stayed with us for the whole walk60.  There were about 15 enthusiastic ( and soggy) walkers with us tonight as we splashed down the path!
Well done everyone ... Walk On Strong!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Day 21 three half marathons this month ... so far!

The end of the day ... how do you get a walk30 in?

Day 21 
Walking30 today became an experiment.  How do you get a walk30 into a day that is slipping away?
I waited until the afternoon to walk and then had to rush out the door to meet my son at 3 p.m. and didn't get a chance to even go around the block.   He needed to do some grocery shopping  so we went to the Super Center, a very big store, and as we enter the store I told him that I would meet him at the cashiers.  So I walked .... really fast ... possibly looking rather silly ... and met him about 15 minutes later at the checkout.   
I got home and we headed out for a tour around the neighborhood for another 15 minutes to finish off.  We felt a bit stuffed after a dinner out and so on the way home we went for a walk in Waterloo Park! 

On those days when it seems difficult to walk30 ... we need to piece together those 30 minutes creatively.  I would love to know some of your stories ... how do you make it out the door?
Walk on Strong,

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Day 20 ... lots of walk30 variety!

Day 20!!   
Today I just bolted out the door with my ipod and my walking shoes ... I decided to do a variety walk. 
I walked to warm up for about 6 minutes ... while I was calibrating my Nike + fitness app to my walking pace ( which I am not too sure worked).  It is supposed to help the gizmo to measure your distance walked more accurately but I am always sure that I have walked further than it gives me credit for ... it could be that I need calibrating!

I then decided to go through the forest near our home and get a few hills into my walk30. You can see the wooden railing fences here in the picture ... after the hills I did some standing pushups every time I came across some of these fences ... I think that I did about 50 in all!
From the park I did a tempo walk and cool down home for a perfect walk30.

When I go out walking I think in terms of three basic paces after I warm up for about 5 minutes:
1. Steady pace - you are walking at a pace that you can continue for a long time and not feel exhausted ... it is not slow but it is not too taxing.  You feel as though you are getting a good steady walk going!

2. Tempo pace - is a faster walking pace where  you are pushing yourself and you are tired when you are finished and definitely ready to stop. Your heart rate is up and you are breathing a little harder.

3. Interval pace - this is your fastest pace ... you would use it when you are doing speed work and intervals.  If you go back in this blog a few days I talk about intervals and how great they are for building your fitness level, strength and your speed.  It is great to throw a few intervals of 20 to 40 seconds into every walk if you have a good fitness base. Always recover with a steady walk after your interval to get your heart rate down.

Tomorrow will be the finishing day (21) for our third Half Marathon this month ... congratulations will be in order.
Remember that any day can be Day 1 ... Walk On Strong!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Day 19 A beautiful 12 K walk

Day 19 and it was just perfect ... Thanks to everyone who came out this morning ... we walked from Waterloo Public Square all the way to the grand River trail ... with lots of hills along the way!
The 9 a.m. group went down the Iron Horse Trail and met us at the Heuther for coffee and/or breakfast.  On our way back we had a chance to watch the Santa Claus Parade! You don't get better than that! We walked120 today!
Walk On Strong,

Friday, 18 November 2011

Day 18 ... off to a meeting on my feet = walk30

Day 18 and once again all it takes is getting out the door.
One thing I love is to use walking as a way to get to a destination ... we really don't do that very often because the distance and time involved just stand in the way.  Since the Half Marathon a Week became a part of my life on November first I am now thinking twice about 'just taking the car'.  Any distance that is about 2 to 3 K away from home is an easy walk30 on those days when I don't have training or our walking group.
So today I have walked 27 minutes to my meeting this afternoon and I will get out again and finish up with a walk around the block!

You might notice that I have a funny looking thing on my shoe here ... it is my Nike transmitter and it relays information to my nike+ ipod app that I downloaded (I think it was free) from the apple app store on my ipod. It is an great toy and walking motivator. It records all of your steps, calories burned, pace etc. (too many things to mention). Then when you want to you can down load all the information at the nike+ website.  If you want more information about this cool app here you go ...  nike+ app .
A transmitter like the one that is on my shoe is available for purchase at running stores or the Running / Walking Rooms.   

I have lots of walking gizmos that help me stay interested ... I would love it if some of you would comment and let us know what tricks you have for staying interested and getting the most out of your walk30.
If anyone out there would like to join the Saturday morning Walk On Strong group please come to the Waterloo Public Square at 8 a.m. for 12 K ( with me) or at 9 a.m. for a 5 to 6 K walk ( with Dave) we meet just in front of Shoppers Drugmart.
I hope you all walk30 today!
Walk On Strong,

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 17 Up the hills we go!

Tonight's workshop Walk On Strong hill climbing location

Day 17  The hills are alive with the sounds of walkers! 

The workshop group, both the Intro to Power Walking group and the Personal Best group are off to the hills tonight.  What is the best way to:  boost your cardio workout, elevate your heart rate, burn more calories, build muscle in your legs and create a nice looking butt?  You guessed it ... HILLS!

Tonight we will also be talking about special tweaks to walking technique that will help you walk up those hills with the best form possible.
Things to keep in mind when walking up hills:
- lift your head and look to the top of the hill as you move ... this provides the illusion that the hill is not as steep
- keep your lean (into the hill) to a minimum
- leaning forward too far or back will put added pressure on your spine
- keep your posture tall as you walk up the hill ... upper torso over the hips and hips over the knees
- knees should be slightly bent
- shorten your stride ... a long stride will act as a brake on an incline
- for a great cardio interval workout ... power up hills and recover downhill

Walking downhill remember:
- take it easy ... walking downhill is stressful for the knees
- keep your posture tall and lean very slightly forward
- let gravity assist you ... feel your heart rate recover ... breathing will slow down
- keep knees slightly bent
Get ready for the next hill repeat!
Now we are off to the hills with the group to walk30 ... or more.
Walk On Strong!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Day 16 A very fast walk!

Dave and I walking for The Record photo shoot to promote the K W Walking Classic

Day 16 ... we are just over half way through the month and Dave and I are walking together more than ever before. We do most of our walking with groups so we really don't get out much ... just the two of us.
Today we had a rushed day and left our walking until after a late dinner ... after a few phone calls and other distractions out the door we went.  Modern Family started at 9 p.m. tonight and our goal was to get back in time to watch it.  We left at 8:25 so we got our walk30 in and made it back in time to see the show ... we only missed 5 minutes ... not bad.  
Normally we would have relaxed and skipped the walk but we were both keen to get our walk30 in and made it happen ...it's a good motivator that's for sure!
Walk On Strong!

Day15 A great walk in the park tonight!

One of my favorite night time walks with Dave was last March in Paris!

Day 15 ... it almost slipped by without a blog but here it goes ... tonight was the perfect night to walk and there were a lot of eager walkers at the Public Square to join us.  We did a few loops of Waterloo Park tonight. Soon the park will be filled with Christmas lights ... it has the most amazing display I have ever seen. If you have never visited the park in December it is worth the effort.

One of my favorite memories of Paris was a night time walk that Dave and I took on our own one night last March to see the Eiffel Tower.  It was a night a lot like last night in temperature possibly a touch warmer and perfect for walking on and on and never feeling tired.  The reward was the sight of the tower all lit up as you see it above. When we got closer it burst into a special show of flashing lights that I believe must happen every hour on the hour. There is some magic in the city of lights!
Walk on Strong!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Day 14 Walking30 to the F.A.C.E. committee meeting

Walking Near the University ... on a Saturday morning

Day 14 and today I plan to walk30 with Dave to the F.A.C.E. council meeting.  This is a hospital advisory council that gives a face to those who are assisting individuals who are working through mental health challenges.  We have been on this advisory council for a few years and it is quite a unique endeavor.  Here is the committee as described on the Grand River Hospital website ...

"F.A.C.E. - Families for Awareness, Change and Education is an advisory council whose members volunteer and partner with the Grand River Hospital mental health and addictions program to support family-centered involvement and to strengthen communication and collaboration with families." from GRH website 

It is a committee that gives a voice to those who are family members or good friends of individuals that have used the services of the Grand River Hospital Mental Health and Addiction services. I believe that this type of advisory group is the exception and not the rule in most hospitals and we are proud that we are able to have a voice on committees and councils within the hospital that are creating and reviewing programs for mental health and addiction services here in Waterloo Region.
For those of you who don't know Dave and I well ... we have been mental health advocates for quite a few years in response to our own struggles with being parents in the confusing world of mental illness. The Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic is just one of a few projects that we are involved in to lighten up the subject of mental health.
Through connecting with community agencies and getting out there to think of positive ways to make a difference we helped ourselves feel more hopeful. 
Let me know if you are interested in more information .... we could help you find some great ways to do some good and get involved.
Walk On Strong ... physically and mentally!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Day 13 Walk30 up a hill!

Edwin Street hill
Marshal Street hill
 Today was Day 13 and I was looking for a different kind of walk30 ... something a bit more challenging. I had to do some grocery shopping and wanted to walk too so I decided to hop in the car and find a few hills.  

First stop was the Edwin Street hill for a warm up ... just a nice easy hill to get the blood flowing and the heart rate up a little.  Next I went over to St. Vincent Street hill (only a block over but a much more challenging hill) and I did 3 repeats for a total of 23 minutes of walking and hills .... not bad.
Then it was off to the grocery store to get a few items for dinner.  I finished shopping and headed to one of our favorite hill son Marshal Street.  
I decided to listen to Lee Scott's 30 minute walking program while I was climbing.  Lee gives you lots of walking instruction and encourages you along in your walk.  Everyone can always use a refresher walk.  Lee is an amazing Power Walking coach and owner of the WOW power walking program.  Check out Lee's blog at www.wowpowerwalking.blogspot.com.
My only disappointment today was that pictures of hills are NOT impressive.  These hill pictures do not do them justice ... trust me!

When you are climbing hills remember to lift your eyes to the top of the hill and keep them there ... it tends to even out the terain somewhat and give you the illusion that you are just cruising along ... your heavy breathing will let you know that you are raising your heart rate into the zone that will boost your fitness benefit ... and that is where you want to be for part of your walk every time you go out.
I hope that everyone had a great Sunday walk30  ... tomorrow we will have finished our second half marathon of the month (minimum!!).

St. Vincent Street hill! Trust me it is more in impressive in person!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Day 12 and I walked all day!

Well hello!  The perfect place to walk30!!
Day 12 It as a walking day from beginning to end ... started out with our usual Saturday morning walk ... Dave took the 8 a.m. 10 K group and I was on call for the 9 a.m. 5 K walk.  It was gorgeous this morning!! (See more pictures below)  Then out again and over to the Fredrick Street area near downtown Kitchener.  It is a great area to walk and the artists were bountiful ... I just walked home and it is 5 p.m. Now that is a walking day!
What kind of fun is everyone else having on their walk30 journey? Click on the comment box and let me know that you are out there and walking30 ... love to hear your stories.
We met the 10 K group on the path by the University ... so we are coming and going!
What a view of the new addition to the Perimeter Institute
Walk On Strong!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Day 11 talking about walking to the CMHA Staff

... and they're off  ... K W Walking Classic 2011

Day 11  Today I am off to Guelph to do a power walking clinic with some of the CMHA staff!  I am sure that I will get my walk30 happening as I get them up out of their seats and trying on some walking technique on for size!  The staff are having a wellness activity day of sorts and I am just one small part of the action.
One of the goals of the Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic is to activate the mental health service providers in our region, their clients and the family members that support them into walking action.   
The Grand River branch of the CMHA was a corporate sponsor for our race and had a great looking team there on event day! We want more mental health agencies represented at the race through Team participation, volunteering or even supporting an athlete from the sidelines with some serious cheering!
Mental health is our cause and all we need to do is to get out the door and walk30 to start training for next year's event!
If I don't get all my minutes of walking in during the presentation I will be heading out my front door ... maybe I will even walk60 today ... who knows??
Walk On Strong,

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Day 10 Walk On Strong Workshops tonight

On a walk last March near Geneva, Switzerland
It is Day 10 and we have our Walk on Strong workshop tonight to make sure that we walk30. Thursday night we train the Intro to Power Walking group and the Personal Best group!
We are going to be talking about walking technique and intervals to build strength, speed and stamina. 
Intervals are my very favorite way to boost metabolism and get the most bang for your fitness buck. In my 20 plus years as a fitness trainer the best health tool I have learned about would be interval training.  I will do a whole blog about interval training some day soon but will let you in on a little secret for now ... you can get the same benefit from a walk30 interval walk as you can from a 60 minute steady walk.  All you need to do is pick up the pace for 30 to 40 seconds and then recover for a few minutes and then repeat for a 20 minute session ... add on your 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down and there you go ... a walk30 that gets your heart rate up and revs your metabolism for hours after.  It is all about moving fast when you have your 30 seconds of speed ... I am talking about walking as fast as you can! Remember your top speed is personal ... everyone is at a different place in their strength and ability. Your top speed will get faster if you keep doing intervals.
I am so inspired that I think that I am going out this afternoon and do a little interval training ... wish me luck and ... Walk On Strong!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Day 9 An after dinner Walk30

This is a summer Tuesday Walk On Strong group
We just got back in the door ... nice night for a walk30!  It is so much darker this week with daylight savings time with us once more. 
Last night we had a whopping group of 33 out at the Waterloo Public Square! We walked around the University for a 6 K tour. 

Welcome to all our new comers ... I walked with Joanne who joined us for the first time last night. Either Dave or I usually join whoever is at the end and it is always a great way to get to know new walkers.  We were a bright and sparkly group with all of our turtle lights blazing!
If you are interested in ordering a turtle light and you live close ... let me know via email and I will put you on the list.  If we have someone heading to Toronto who wouldn't mind doing some shopping for us then we will pick some up. All of the lights that we had last night are spoken for.
Today was a rainy day and I hope that didn't deter any of you ... it certainly made us wait until the skies were clear. 
Take care and we hope to see out out on the weekend ... 8 a.m. is 10K with Dave and 9 a.m. is a 5 K with me. We always meet at Waterloo Public Square.
Walk on Strong!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day 8 Walk On Strong for 30 or more

                       This is the turtle light that is going to save your life ... well it might help.

Day 8 is easy to keep because it is our group walk night.   Walking with a group makes getting out there a real pleasure!  I am sure that if I head over to the Waterloo Public Square there will be a big group of people who walk all different speeds and I am going to walk ...  not 30 but around 60 minutes because we usually head out for a 5Kish walk at 6:30 p.m..
Tonight we are handing out the little lights that you see above ... they are called Turtle lights and they help to make you a bit more noticeable on your walk. Quite a few of our group ordered them last week.   
We look a bit strange walking along all lit up but the cars notice us and that's the idea.  If you are heading out on your own in the dark you might want to get a light or some reflective gear to make yourself more visible.  
You can purchase a turtle light at the Mountain Equipment Co-op in Toronto or Burlington  you can also order them on line at www.mec.ca. Just pop turtle light in the search bar. 
They cost approximately $4.50 with tax in and they attach to the zipper on your jacket.

Remember if you live in our part of the woods ... come join us for a walk!
Check out www.walkonstrong for details.

Walk On Strong!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Day 7 Walking with a purpose ... getting to the meeting!

Today's walk30 will be to get to the Minds in Motion Committee meeting and back!
Day 7 already!  I have noticed that we are beginning to add walk30 planning to our daily routine ... so today will include a walk to our race committee meeting.
I honestly thought about getting out of bed early this morning but it was oh so cozy.  I am extremely impressed with Laurie's 6 a.m. walks during the week ... way to go! It is something to aspire to in the future.
Check out the Weekly Walking news at the Walk On Strong Blog If you live in Waterloo Region you might want to come and join us for our weekly free walks through the Waterloo Uptown/ University area and beyond.
Walk On Strong!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 6 Walk30 in St. Jacobs

We are walking how far?

                                 Walk30 goes to St. Jacobs!
Today we ventured out of town for our walk and what an amazing day once again.   St Jacobs was very busy but the walking trails weren't as crowded as the coffee shop/ bakery we found after our walk. 
We have had a busy week and walking today gave us a chance to talk and sort ourselves out.  We were talking about how this walk30 is giving us an opportunity to do a few different kinds of walks and talk a little more than we usually get a chance to. BONUS!

The somewhat negative part of the walk30 experience is when you are walking through a cow pasture and you have to clean out the treads in your shoes afterward with a sharp stick .... yuck!
Let me know what kind of new found benefits your walk30 challenge is bringing you and yours.
Walk on Strong into the new week!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Day 5 14K in good company!

 Day 5 was a wonderful day! ... Today I realized that I wasn't the only one 
( along with Dave of course) walking a Half Marathon a week!!
Evidently there are quite a few in our Walk on Strong group who are getting out the door every day to walk30!!!
One of our walkers, Cindy, is walking a Marathon a week ... she is walking out the door for an hour a day (6 K times 7 days = 42K or a Marathon a week!)
Way to go Cindy!
We had a huge group out early this morning and it was COLD at 8 a.m. (-6 C). The mittens were out and a few warm layers were necessary ... it's beginning to feel like winter. "ahhhhh" 
We joined the 9 a.m. group for coffee and a well deserved breakfast at the Heuther.
The best part of a Saturday walk!
                                                          I haven't figured out how you can become a blog follower yet but if you want to comment on any of this or let us know that your walking30 ... I believe you just click on the the word 'comment' at the bottom of this post or just email me: walkonstrong@gmail.com

Tomorrow is another walk30 ...
so walk on strong!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Day 4 Walk30

... one step is all it takes
  It is all about heading out the door when you are busy with all the other stuff that is life!

It was a beautiful fall day and I was thinking about THE WALK all day ... I finally headed out just before dinner and booted around the neighborhood for a while. Then after dinner Dave and I headed out again.
Tomorrow we are meeting the Walk on Strong group at the Waterloo Public Square for a 14 K walk at 8 a.m.  Please come and join us or drop in for 5/6 K walk with Dave and the 9 a.m. group.
... and plan to join us for breakfast or a coffee afterward.
Walk on Strong! 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day 3 Walk30

                                   Walking in Tuscany a few years ago with my friend Lynda

Well it was a little more challenging getting out the door yesterday and it was only day 2!!  First it was an early morning walk ... then an afternoon walk ... but that didn't work out ... then "let's go a show" ... and after the movie ... finally ... a 30 minute walk in the dark before turning in.  Some days it will be a challenge to get out the door but it just has to be done.
Today was a different story ... I was out there for 2 walks today. One this morning with my friend Miriam and then Dave and I had our Walk On Strong workshop at the Activa Sportsplex ... a great place to walk. A great group to walk with!
Walk On Strong!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

walk 30: Day 2 of the Challenge ...Great walk last night

walk 30: Day 2 of the Challenge ...Great walk last night

Day 2 of the Challenge ...Great walk last night

This is a picture of my Mom Lil Krause and my daughter Sarah out for a walk on the a Nipigon trail (Nipigon, Ontario) last Spring ... my Mom is 85 and an inspiration indeed!

Day 2 ... We had a huge crowd out at the Waterloo Public Square last night at 6:30 p.m.   We headed down the path beside the University for a 5K walk.  The weather is beginning to get a little chilly but as soon as you start walking strong things heat up fast!
Remember that you can start the 30 day Challenges any day just start a daily habit and let us know you are in.
It is a beautiful day today and the plan is to get out as soon as possible to do our 30 minutes ... I will take the camera for a few fall pictures.
The Region of Waterloo is working on a plan to make our   region more walkable ...
we wanted to let everyone know about some public meetings ... if you want to provide some input ... here is your chance!
Please circulate the announcement below about public meetings on the Active Transportation Master Plan for Waterloo Region.  This is condensed from the article in the Record a couple days ago:

“The plan is to make it easier for people to walk, cycle and roll in Waterloo Region,” John Hill, the region’s head of active transportation planning, said.

The first round of public consultations are scheduled and anyone who likes walking, cycling or rollerblading is urged to participate. If you have suggestions on how to better integrate walking and cycling with public transit, the region wants to hear from you too.

Cycle Walk Waterloo Region will contain nine action plans, including the development of a pedestrian network, identifying priority infill projects to link unconnected trails and paths, strategic signing, changing behaviours, a signature project and a monitoring program to measure progress.
Public meetings for active transportation master plan
*Tuesday Nov. 8, United Kingdom Club, 35 International Village Dr., Cambridge.
* Wednesday Nov. 9, First United Church, 16 William St., Waterloo.
* Thursday Nov. 17 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, 54 Queen St. North, Kitchener
Active Transportation Master Plan for Waterloo Region is inviting people to become involved in planning.
Walking, cycling ...even rollerblading in Waterloo Region ... get involved!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011



Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Today is day 1

 Dave and I are both committing to the walk30 Half Marathon a Week Challenge!
He was eager to join in so today we begin.  It will be easy to get our feet out the door because we have the Free Walking Group at the Waterloo Public Square this evening and every Tuesday.   If you need a boost or a great group to walk with ( and you live in Waterloo Region ) please come and join the Walk On Strong gang at 6:30 p.m. this evening for a 5 K (ish) walk.
We had a discussion today about how to make this a successful endeavour ... when to walk, what time of day will work best ... that kind of thing.  We are going to try out a few options on the days we don't have our walking group or do workshops to see what works best for us.   I am going to print up a calendar and I think that marking off the days will help. If you can recruit someone to walk with I think that it will help make things happen. Let us know what works for you.
  Whether you choose the 10 minute a day for 30 day Challenge or the Half Marathon a week for 4 weeks Challenge ... let us let us know how it is going!
Check out the other blogs for details and thenjoin us!