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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Day 17 The Walking 30 Committment

Day 17 The Walking Habit is Not Easily Cultivated

The picture says it all!

Day 17  We want to be as fit as we can be ... we know it's good for us  ... we start going out for a few days but there always seems to be something in the way of that walk. All I can say is "I HEAR YA!".   Creating 'a walking 30 minutes a day' habit in my life took ... starting a daily blog where I wrote about all things walking  and my daily adventures for an entire year. That was a bit out there but there were more than a few days that the thought of writing a blog about not walking was just a lot harder to face than a 30 minute walk.   So if you are half way through the month and you are off track ... you are in good company and the group is called ... drum roll ... The Majority.  If you walk everyday or jump, hop, skip or run. You are in a very small ( healthy) minority
 I guess the question is always going to be "which group do I want to belong too? 

Quite often when we are out with our walking group on a bad weather Saturday morning at 8 a.m. starting a 10 K walk I think about the statistics... what percentage of the population is getting up at 7 a.m. to walk their butts off on a Saturday morning? I like being a part of that group!

I know that getting up and putting the effort into that walk will always be a challenge ... but I think that the benefits just make it worthwhile. We have to keep on trying.

That's it for the pep talk ... if you are off track just start over and ... Walk On Strong!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Day 1 Walking into September ... 30 minutes at a time!

Day 1 Join the September Walk30!

Getting your foot out the door is the trick for a good walk. There are lots of ways to help make this happen and if you look through old posts on this blog (over 400 of them) you will see that I have used all the tricks in the book. 

It has been almost three years, coming up in a month or so, that I have been attempting to walk 30 minutes a day for 30 days in a row and then I start again the next month.  Some months it's 31 days and others 28 days but it's always in these doable monthly amounts. 

Every month is a chance to recommit.
Pretty simple but it really does work to create goals for yourself ... a month is a lot more doable than forever!

Whether you are trying to be as fit as you can be, introduce healthy habits, lose weight or just improve your mood you probably know that it is not easy to break old habits. The only way toward success is to keep 'starting again'. Have a plan and if it doesn't work the first time ... start again. 

 I have started exercise and diet regimes so many times I can't remember.  There is fitness equipment, exercise DVD's gathering dust in the basement. and, of course, gym memberships in my past that were never used ... but paid for for about 12 months :)
The bottom line is that I have never given up.  I think that we all just want to be the best humans we can be and honor these bodies that we have been given. 
It turns out that a 30 minute walk a day can truly make a difference.
You just have to take a step out the door ... give it a try and join me walking30 this month!

Walk On Strong!