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Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 12 Power walking Lesson #4 Heel - Toe Roll

#1 strike on to the heel with the toe up

#2 roll through the mid foot slightly to the outer edge
#3 push off the toe ... notice the flex you need to get in your shoe for a good push off ... love my New Balance 860's

#4 putting it together .. you can see that this is going to help you develop your balance too!

Power walking Lesson #4
We will start with a short review ... so you have been walking tall, engaging the core and tying to consistently use your arms to power you forward and speed up your feet when you want to go faster.  The more you use these techniques the sooner they will become second nature.

Now you are ready to employ the next bit of technique that will help you to move over the ground  smoothly with greater speed ... eventually.  We all have to remember that as you employ new techniques it will take time for your body to feel in charge of this new movement or way of using your body.  Be patient because it can take up to 6 weeks to build neural pathways from the brain to the body.  You may go a little slower before you move faster.

Foot placement for a more effective smooth stride involves using the Heel - Toe Roll technique. 
This simply means that you will be striking your heel first with a relatively straight knee. (#1) then you will role your foot from the heel onto the middle of the foot in a smooth motion that makes you aware of all the those muscles and bones in the foot and so that the weight of the body is rolling over the arch of the foot. (#2)
 Your roll will be subtly toward the outside of the foot and as you roll to the front of the foot it will shift very quickly from the little toe and finish with a push off from the big toe. (#3)

When you begin practicing the Heel - Toe Roll just focus on striking with the heel first and rolling forward though the foot to finish with a toe push off ... the subtle movements can be worked on after the roll starts feeling a little more natural.
So out you go and give it a whirl ... perfect time for a walk30!!

Remember if you feel awkward ... you are doing well.  It takes time but this technique will improve your strength and speed it will also create a smooth motion as you walk over the ground. 

IMPORTANT: If you are doing the Heel - Toe Roll properly you will have a little (or more) shin soreness when you begin your walk ... it will subside as you walk and your shins warm up. This is shin fatigue (not injury) ... your shins are tired because you are actually firing them twice with every step you take. Once when you strike your heel and again when you push off.  A little shin pain tells you that you are on track and strengthening your shins ... it will get better as your shins get stronger. 
It is always good to remember that if you have a pain during a walk and it gets worse and/or lingers after your walk it could be an injury and needs to be monitored or checked into by your doctor. 
It is always a great idea to warm up before you start working on new technique.
Hope you have fun rolling along!
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  1. Thank you for sharing such good advice.

  2. Your welcome,
    I have learned so much about how to add a little more muscle to your walk over the past 7 or so years that we have been walking as our main form of exercise. It is like most things ... the more you learn the more you realize you need to know ... I enjoy sharing the way others have shared with us ... enjoy!