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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Day 8 Walk On Strong for 30 or more

                       This is the turtle light that is going to save your life ... well it might help.

Day 8 is easy to keep because it is our group walk night.   Walking with a group makes getting out there a real pleasure!  I am sure that if I head over to the Waterloo Public Square there will be a big group of people who walk all different speeds and I am going to walk ...  not 30 but around 60 minutes because we usually head out for a 5Kish walk at 6:30 p.m..
Tonight we are handing out the little lights that you see above ... they are called Turtle lights and they help to make you a bit more noticeable on your walk. Quite a few of our group ordered them last week.   
We look a bit strange walking along all lit up but the cars notice us and that's the idea.  If you are heading out on your own in the dark you might want to get a light or some reflective gear to make yourself more visible.  
You can purchase a turtle light at the Mountain Equipment Co-op in Toronto or Burlington  you can also order them on line at www.mec.ca. Just pop turtle light in the search bar. 
They cost approximately $4.50 with tax in and they attach to the zipper on your jacket.

Remember if you live in our part of the woods ... come join us for a walk!
Check out www.walkonstrong for details.

Walk On Strong!

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