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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Day 14 Keep on walking 30 minutes a day!

Day 14 Keep on walking 30 minutes a day!

I feel as if I haven't written a blog in ... forever but it has really only been 10 days.   In that time I have made it out the door for my walk 10 times (maybe more).  When I finished my first year of daily walk30's I had decided to keep on walking every day but to blog a little less.  I am just getting used to that idea and I actually miss getting on my computer everyday and reporting my walk or finding some bit of information that might make it easier for you to get motivated to move a little more.  I have to admit that I am getting more sleep ... leaving my blog until the last minute was a bit of a routine.

I have noticed that the colder weather has definitely made it  more of a challenge to walk outside.  Dave and I have also noticed that the numbers of walkers that come out to our weekly free walks are a little smaller.  Since daylight savings time is upon us again it is dark when we meet at the Public Square at 6:30 p.m..   I know that it just takes more of a push to regroup after dinner for a walk when the weather is colder and your walking in the dark.

If you are getting out there in the dark make sure that you are wearing some reflective clothing or a least some reflective stripes that you can get an outdoor store or even the dollar store. Another little tool that helps in the dark is a turtle light (seen above) ... they are approximately $5. at Mountain Co-op Store or other out door store and they attach to the zipper on your jacket. We really light up the streets when everyone is out there walking with their reflectors shining and lights blinking.

The other thing that we talk about a lot is making eye contact with drivers before you walk ... even in an intersection and you know that you have the right of way.  It really doesn't matter if you were in the right if you get hit by a car!

I really miss this blog so I think you may be hearing from me again soon ... until then ...
Walk On Strong!

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