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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Day 3 and 4 November walk30 Challenge

 I am the featured Artist at Seven Shores Cafe at 10 Regina Street in Uptown Waterloo  ... this is me with one of my paintings ... I love my comic book app!

Day 3 and 4 ... November walk30 Challenge
It must be the case that if you do something for a whole year it really does become a habit!  After completing my 12th month of walk30 Challenges I am finding it fairly easy to do my daily walks without any reservations.  I believe that because I feel that I have realized a number of benefits that come with daily exercise it has given me a solid foundation to work from.  I had some reservations and worries that it might be easy to just stop walking every day and ,even though it is only day 4, I feel that walking is one of my highest priorities.

Yesterday we had a cold weather to greet us as we set out from Uptown Waterloo with our Walk on Strong groups for both 14K and 5 K walks ... I believe that it was 1 degree Celsius. Fortunately the sun came out and as we walked everyone warmed up and really enjoyed being out.   We got to Seven Shores Cafe and everyone had a chance to a display of my art in the community room where we meet after our walks.  It is a good feeling to get your work out into the world and I am motivated to do more when I am getting feedback about my paintings.

Today Dave and I took Annie on a walk down a different stretch of the Grand River Trail. There are a number of inspiring trails here in Waterloo Region and we have decided that we should do a little more exploring.
I hope you got out in the fresh air for your walk30 this weekend!
Walk On Strong,

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