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Friday, 20 April 2012

Day 20 Walk 30 minutes every day

The leaves are coming!
Out we go!

 Day 20 Walk 30 minutes every day ... more reasons to get out there

I am always looking for interesting and different articles about walking and specifically about walking 30 minutes a day.  I was lucky today to find this article on the TLC website written by Jasmin Malik Chua called Walk 30 minutes every day!
She has a great angle that I had never thought of in regard to walking, although I should have! When you are walking you are traveling and you are not driving your car and therefor you are impacting the environment ... very cool!
Here are some of the amazing statistics from her article.
"The payoffs of cutting both calories and carbon dioxide are huge: If all Americans between 10 and 74 walked just half an hour a day instead of driving, we would slash annual U.S. emissions of global-warming carbon dioxide by 64 million tons. Plus, not only would we save about 6.5 million gallons of gasoline, but we would also shed more than 3 billion pounds overall." (think of the impact we Canadians could make with all our litres of gas saved!!)
 I love that!  We can do this walk30 challenge for ourselves and at the same time make a difference to the planet.  Maybe a few times a week we could do a destination walk30 with a purpose ... some kind of trip that you would normally take the car for.  There are many walk30s that I will do just to get out the door but I think that I will try to replace a car trip with a walk30 at least once or twice per week.
So have a good one today ... maybe head over to the grocery store or park your car about 15 minutes away and walk to and from ... we have done that when heading to the show downtown.
Walk On Strong,

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