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Monday, 28 November 2011

Day 28 When you're walking ...Be Visible!

Out walking30 tonight ... wow!  Dave has to be 
the best example of a visible walker.

Day 28 ... I have to point out that if you have been following walk30 for the past 28 days ... you have just finished
4 Half Marathons ... CONGRATULATIONS!!!  
If you haven't been walking30 why not make December first your day one and help yourself to get though the holidays with a walk30 habit. 
While you are out there at night be sure to wear clothing that will make you stand out.  We are always talking about safety with our Walk On Strong group and emphasizing that you need to be careful in the dark with traffic.  Last night I was crossing on a well lit street near our home and I was crossing in the crosswalk and thought the car that was turning left in front of me saw me there.  I was dressed in a darker colored coat and I don't think that person driving was paying attention because they came very close to connecting to me with their car ... oh my!  It was good reminder to be sure to be visible when I am out there walking30!
Make sure that you are safe out there ... wear reflective clothing like Dave and maybe even a turtle light!  If you don't know what a turtle light is just check back in the walk30 blog.
Walk On Strong!

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