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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Day 29 Wet Wet Wet ... with lots of fun puddles!

This is an amazing painting by an amazing artist and friend, Elaine Davidson ... I chose it today because this is how I felt as I splashed through the puddles on my walk30 this evening  ...  just like a kid again!
 Day 29  
Today was cloudy with various levels of rainfall ... light , medium and a downright down pour.  I was working away in my art studio thinking that I would be doing my walk30 with the Tuesday Walk on Strong group ... no worries.  We left the house with all of our luminous rain gear on but it was hardly raining at all.  
We got to the Waterloo Public Square and met with ...... Liz!  The three of us were going to head out but we were joined by Maggie and her husband John!  ... and then Michelle came at the very last minute!!
A few weeks ago we had about 33 walkers on Tuesday but the rain forecast really puts a damper on things ... so to speak. 
We walked around the University trying to miss all the puddles but I finally gave in to my inner child and totally soaked my feet ... after that I was jumping in the puddles and got totally dripping wet ... it was FUN!
Congratulations to all of you who have walked30 for 30 days ... come join us for the next 30 days and be fit and healthy as we walk30 into 2012.
See you tomorrow ...Walk On Strong!

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