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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 30 for walk30 Let's do it again!

Day 30 for walk30!
We made it to day 30! ... 4 half marathons later and lots of great walks and talks.  On our way home from picking up a few things for my art show on the weekend I suggested that we do something different for the very last day of the walk30 for November ... we went to the indoor walking track at the Activa Sportsplex.  Some of you that come on Thursdays and train with Dave and I are familiar with this facility ... it can be busy in the evening but it is empty at 9 p.m.!  We had a great walk and almost had the track to ourselves.

So what is next ?? December walk30 is ready to go ... come join the walk30 habit .. whether you are just thinking of making it through the holidays and burning a few more calories or you are walking your way to 60 days in a row ... let's all walk on strong!!

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