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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Day 13 Walk30 up a hill!

Edwin Street hill
Marshal Street hill
 Today was Day 13 and I was looking for a different kind of walk30 ... something a bit more challenging. I had to do some grocery shopping and wanted to walk too so I decided to hop in the car and find a few hills.  

First stop was the Edwin Street hill for a warm up ... just a nice easy hill to get the blood flowing and the heart rate up a little.  Next I went over to St. Vincent Street hill (only a block over but a much more challenging hill) and I did 3 repeats for a total of 23 minutes of walking and hills .... not bad.
Then it was off to the grocery store to get a few items for dinner.  I finished shopping and headed to one of our favorite hill son Marshal Street.  
I decided to listen to Lee Scott's 30 minute walking program while I was climbing.  Lee gives you lots of walking instruction and encourages you along in your walk.  Everyone can always use a refresher walk.  Lee is an amazing Power Walking coach and owner of the WOW power walking program.  Check out Lee's blog at www.wowpowerwalking.blogspot.com.
My only disappointment today was that pictures of hills are NOT impressive.  These hill pictures do not do them justice ... trust me!

When you are climbing hills remember to lift your eyes to the top of the hill and keep them there ... it tends to even out the terain somewhat and give you the illusion that you are just cruising along ... your heavy breathing will let you know that you are raising your heart rate into the zone that will boost your fitness benefit ... and that is where you want to be for part of your walk every time you go out.
I hope that everyone had a great Sunday walk30  ... tomorrow we will have finished our second half marathon of the month (minimum!!).

St. Vincent Street hill! Trust me it is more in impressive in person!

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