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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Day 28 Come walk with us!


Our Minds In Motion Bowling Team 2011 ... stay posted for this year's Team photo in a few days

Day 28 Come walk with us!

Today was a great day ... a Saturday walk30 with the Walk On Strong group then an afternoon at a fundraising Bowlathon for the Region of Waterloo Suicide Prevention Council. The entire facility was filled up with bowling teams from all kinds of mental health agencies, schools and individuals who have been touched in some way by suicide.
It feels good to support a cause and our cause is definitely mental health ... enhancing everyone's mental and physical health through getting out there walking and giving our bodies the boost they need to function their best.
I have been talking about our event ... Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic a lot in this blog because my husband and I are two of the founders of the event and like so many other families, our family has had its challenging journey that comes from caring and supporting someone through to recovery from serious mental illness.
We wanted to create an event that celebrates the journey to wellness and gets the word out that it is okay to talk about your struggles and look for help along the way. Our event is a super event for the competitive walker but it is also a wonderful and inspiring goal race for someone who wants to get off the couch and feel better.
We all want to be healthier and we all have stress in our lives.  Making things better for yourself and possibly someone else can be as simple as just getting out the door every day to walk  for 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour.
Why not come walk with us and set yourself a goal to do your first 5 K, 10 K or maybe even a half marathon (21 K) on September 23 in the race that is for walkers only!  We have all the bling of a top rated running event but it's all about walking. You can raise dollars too ... to help provide properly fitting athletic shoes for someone using fitness to help them recover their life and live longer.

 You must be the change that you want to see in the world -Gandhi

Walk On Strong!


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