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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 29 Body weight strength training

The 2012 bowling team for the K W Walking Classic as promised

  Day 29 Body weight strength training ... a great addition to a walk30 challenge!

I just have to share another amazing website that I found called greatist.com.  Within that website there is a wealth of information but there was one article in particular that you must check out called 50 body weight exercises you can do anywhere.
I am a BIG fan of exercises that do not require any fancy fitness equipment ... just the weight that your body naturally provides.  So those extra pounds that we complain about the most can be a huge asset when it comes to body weight training. I think that you will get lots of ideas from this article and it is spiced with some unique graphics that will help you with technique. The idea that you are the gym is a novel one but it is true.
 I have blogged about body weight exercises that can benefit walkers before but you will find a lot of variety and can mix it up to create your own body weight bootcamp.
The 'Greatist' website is a go to site for lifestyle information as you can tell by the description below from the website under the Get Started link on the home page:
"Greatist is your go-to source for all things fitness, health, and happiness. We’re committed to providing incredibly accessible and meticulously verified content to enable you to get the most out of life on your terms. After all, at the end of the day, it’s not about six pack abs and a hot beach bod. It’s about being the greatist you. The Greatist Team has a simple mission: to inspire and inform the world to make at least one healthier decision per week. Over time, we believe those weeks will add up and our readers (and our world) will be better for it."

You are the greatest!  Why not check out the Greatist website ... we can always add a little more greatness to our lives!
Hope your walk30 rocked today ...
Are you joining me May1st for the May walk30 Challenge??
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Walk On Strong,

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