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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 7 and a Half Marathon finished for this week!!

Toys R Us!! More puppy pictures.

Day 7 and a Half Marathon finished for this week!!
Congratulations ... you did it ... every 7 days you can rack up a half marathon or more if you tend to get carried away and walk more than 30 minutes. That is the trick by the way.   A walk30 usually equals 3 Kilometers ( or more if you are walking really fast) and 3K times 7 days is 21K and that is a HALF MARATHON! 
(13 miles for those of you in the USA)

This morning I was leading the 12 K walk with our Walk On Strong group and it was a glorious morning ... the k's went zipping by and before we knew it we were enjoying a great cup of coffee and breakfast at the new location for Seven Shores Urban Cafe. Yumm!

Our snow is almost gone again and it has warmed up considerably.  I have decided to just enjoy it and walk more on these balmy days.
Another Annie puppy picture today ... what can I say ... we are taking a lot of them!
Hope you are practicing your Power Walking lesson #1 technique and strengthening your core ... next week we will move on to lesson #2.  It takes approximately 6 weeks to make a new technique a habit if you put it into practice every time you go out walking.  So remind yourself to get taller, lift your chin and become aware of your strong core every time you come to a corner.   Use what ever cue you need to so that you remember to walk tall and strong. 
Check out yesterday's blog for more details if you missed it.
Have fun and Walk On Strong!

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  1. Sue, I gave Walk30 a shout out on my blog in combination with a pretty cool TED video on trying something new for 30 days.