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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Day 10 Tired of Winter?

Snow ... just keeps coming ... and going!

Day 10 Tired of Winter?
Our Walk On Strong walking group was a little smaller this morning. I was trying to figure out what might have accounted for the reduced attendance this chilly winter morning.  At first we were talking about he fact that it is March Break.  Some of our members could indeed be on a mid-winter holiday ... a possibility.  Then I was thinking about the balmy weather we experienced here on Thursday and then we were hit by snow and blizzard winds on Friday.  I decided that it could very well be that it was tough to get up early and face the cold, icy morning after having a real tease of Spring earlier in the week.  If I wasn't leading the group I might have stayed in bed this morning too!
Congratulations to those who made it out this morning ... and  to those who didn't make it this morning ... that's okay ... we totally understand.
Spring is coming sooner rather than later and next week it looks like the weather Gods are going to be smiling on us once more.  We just have to hang in there and it will get warmer.
Here's to Spring one of my favorite seasons for walking!
We ended up having a great walk30 this morning ... a little icy but hey ... it's still winter.
Walk On Strong,

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