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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Day 18 Feels like summer ... so take it easy!

Down the path in St. Jacobs

Sitting at a sidewalk cafe after a long walk

Day 18 Feels like summer so take it easy!
We had a wonderful walk down the St Jacobs trail today and so did a lot of other people!  The warm summer weather had everyone feeling like being outside taking in the beautiful scenery. Today's walk was a little slow ... every few steps there were people who wanted to meet the puppy which was good for her but made it a very long easy going walk.
Once in a while a long slow easy walk is exactly what we all need.  We rush here and there day in and day out and then we try to get the most out of our workout time most days.  We can get a great  energizing workout in 30 minutes.  There are days when we just need to slow the pace, look at the scenery and not worry about how many calories we are burning.
Hope you had a memorable walk30 today!
Walk On Strong!

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