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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day 15 Inspiration!

Lisa, Lil (our Mom) and Caroline!

Day 15 Inspiration!
This is going to be a different kind of walk30 blog but I had an aha! moment today and I feel like sharing it.
I got a picture recently of my sister's Sweet Adeline chorus in Calgary all dressed up in their new costumes looking amazing. My sister Caroline is the chorus director ... and a great one at that!  As I was looking at the picture I realized that my Mom, my sister Caroline and my other sister Lisa were all standing together in the chorus ... I only have 2 sisters so it got me thinking ... what is missing here? ... it would be ME!  I was inspired and started thinking about getting a ticket out there for their very first regional competition that is happening in May. At the same time I got an email from West Jet Airlines advertising a sale ... isn't life interesting ... so I am going to Calgary!
One of the other things I love to do is sing so I could be dressed up in a picture with the other women in my family in the near future ... you just never know where inspiration will take you.
I am hoping that I inspire you to get out the door every day for your walk30 ... hope you had a good one today!
Walk On Strong,

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