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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day 14 Join the Half Marathon a week club

Yes Live your Dream!! Walk30 your way to your health goals

Day 14 Two Half Marathons under your feet already this month! Join the Half Marathon a Week Club ... you will be glad you did!
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Sometimes I think that it is easy to forget that every 7 days you have walked (at least) a Half Marathon!
By simply getting our there for 30 minutes every day (approximately 3 K) and doing that for 7 days in a row you become a member of The Half Marathon a Week Club ... that's right.  Walking a Half Marathon is as easy as that.
I just love the way those numbers add up ... 7 days times 3 K each day = 21 K or A Half Marathon!
When someone asks you if you exercise you can say "Actually I walk a Half Marathon every week"  Now that is going to impress! 

It all boils down to 30 minutes a day and committing to do that for 30 days ... yes that is what this blog is all about ... creating a habit that will give you back a healthier life.
Today my walk30 took me around the neighborhood at a fast pace with Annie the speedy puppy. Tomorrow we celebrate the last of our 10 week Power walking training workshops with our amazing Walk On Strong group.
Spring training begins on March 29th and we can't wait!
Hope you had a great walk30 today ... the weather was spectacular ... breaking records all over North America for record highs and the week ahead holds more of the same. 
Life is good! Walk On Strong!

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