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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Day 5 Walking with a metronome

This is my metronome ... it was about $20 and fits in the palm of my hand ... it gets me walking faster!

Day 5 Walking with a metronome

When I started to learn more about walking and walking technique this quest for information lead me to the Chi Walking website.  Danny Dreyer has developed a technique for walking that (very simply put) has its foundation in Tai Chi.
If you go to the Chi Walking website you will find an abundance of information about a great many topics related to walking. I found this informative blog post at the Chi Walking website today when I was looking for more information around using a metronome as a training tool.    Please take some time to check out this link.
Walking with a Metronome | Danny Dreyer's Blog | Chi Walking

A metronome is a very simple tool but it can have a BIG impact on the development of your speed as a power walker.  Using cadence as a guide for your foot steps can increase your speed and build strength and stamina at the same time.
For now I suggest that you tap into the expertise of Danny Deyer and get yourself a metronome ... or just download a metronome app into your iphone or android phone.  Plug into a rhythm and just see how much faster you will be walking in no time!

We had an amazing 3 hour Introduction to Power Walking Workshop this evening.  Dave and I worked with 6 walkers who were looking to learn some basic power walking technique.  It was a hot evening but everyone did well and we had just a great evening with the group!!
Thanks to all who came and shared in the training ... we had fun.
Walk On Strong!

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