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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 4 Walking30 on a hot day

On a hot day ... either early in the morning or after the sun sets is a good be for walking

Day 4 Walking30 on a hot day
Today was a scorcher in southern Ontario ... humid and hot ... that's what we are famous for here in eastern Canada.  My family from Calgary doesn't really like to visit at this time of year because it is so hot and sticky. 
Well today I have to agree because it felt like the inside of a dryer while walking from the car to the house.  On days like this all you can do is stay hydrated and keep your activity to a minimum.

We just finished a late night walk with Annie ... she is a big black dog so she was happy to wait until the moon came up to venture outdoors.
I hope you had a wonderful walk under the full moon!
Walk on Strong!

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