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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 20 Spring is for walking and setting goals!

Day 20  Spring is for walking and setting goals

Today is the first day of Spring ... in a normal year it could very well be snowing and icy and we would be thinking that winter was not going anywhere any time soon.  Instead it is 24 degrees Celsius and we are sweating on the back deck (no complaints by the way).  We are embracing this great weather and walking30 is definitely easier.

Spring is always a great motivator and I am hoping that there are some of you out there thinking about creating a walking goal that will have you out the door every day ... Walking30 for April 1st!!
The other thing happening on April first is that there is an early bird deadline for the Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic.
There is no better motivator that a race goal in your future to motivate your walking habit! 
There is a 5 K, a 10 K and even a Half Marathon and we have all the great benefits of a running event ... without runners.  We like runners a lot and they volunteer for us on race day and support our cause but on race day even the runners walk.  It is all about walking ... at any pace you choose ... some are fast and some are slow but it really doesn't matter because we all have to begin somewhere.
Tomorrow is the last day to vote for the Minds in Motion Race event as the Best Walker friendly Half Marathon around ... come and experience it yourself!

Walk On Strong!

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