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Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 10 Sunday walk in Paris

Advice ...If the rain starts ... stop in a cafe for a bite to eat and a glass of wine!

Day 10 Sunday walk in Paris

Yesterday it was a bit chilly and the rain was coming down in the morning.  At first we were contemplating a short walk to search out Parc Montsouris which is nearby and one that we remembered from our first visit to Paris seven years ago.  Then we decided that possibly a rainy day would be a good day to see if we could find a place to do a little shopping in the tourist district near the Sein.  We thought that we would just start out and hope for the best knowing that we could take the metro home if we got stuck.  

We walked down the Avenue du Maine all the way to the Monparnasse Tower and the weather was still clear and cool so we took the Rue de Rennes up toward the river and then across and into the shopping district near the Louvre.  Our luck gave away and the rain began so we ducked into a little cafe in sight of the Louver pictured above and enjoyed a pizza and a glass of vin!  Such a great way to enjoy a rain shower and as we finished ... so did the rain and off we went. 

The last time we were in Paris two years ago I bought 2 Paris mugs that were a little bit more stylish that most and since then we use them all the time at home.  One of the mugs has a chip in it, probably from over use, and the one thing that I wanted to be sure to get was a replacement mug or two.  As we have been walking these first few days in Paris I have been on the look out for a mug like the ones at home .... yesterday I found them!!  I bought three of them ... just in case. 

We continued to walk through the gardens along the river on the right bank and at Pont Alexandre we crossed over and started toward home.  We were thinking that it might be time for a stop at a cafe and we remembered that there was a Canadian Bar that we thought was close by ... just for fun. It turned out to be challenge trying to find this bar, which was not where we thought it was. We then turned down a street that I thought I knew and I didn't .... which led to our getting lost ... not seriously lost but enough to be a little frustrating as we tried to get going in the right direction.  

Musee d'Orsay on a rainy Sunday in June
We decided that if you get lost at the beginning of your walk while you have energy it is not too bad ... especially in Paris ... because it is so interesting and it could be a good way to see something you might have missed otherwise.   But ... it is not as good to be lost on your way home after walking for about 5 hours ... it tends to put a strain on even the best of relationships. 

We managed to end up on Bd St-Michel near the Luxembourg Gardens wondering which way to go ... left or right? ... fortunately we went in the direction that would lead us home ... seven hours after we had left.
Dave is getting restless again and I think that we are heading out today toward the Parc Montsouris and up toward the Place D'Itale and then ... who knows??
I will be back again soon to write about walking is in Paris... until then ...
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  1. Glad you are enjoying your wonderful trip! Our favourite park and meeting place was Place des Vosges, the oldest planned square in Paris (and so named because Vosges was the first region to pay its salt taxes). It is located in the Marais district, and it straddles the dividing-line between the 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris. (thanks for the help, wikipedia) It's a small, interesting square bordered by two palaces. Check it out! Have fun!

  2. You guys look like your having a ton of fun!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Suzy! I love the video of Rodin I feel like you taking me along for the ride.
    Great Shot of the Cafe and the two glasses of Wine...love that. Keep them coming!