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Friday, 14 June 2013

Day 11 Walking in Paris

Yes ... in Paris ... it's true!

Day 14 Walking in Paris

We have had a busy few days here in Paris.
On Monday we walked to a beautiful park that is not too far away ... Parc Mountsouris ... we went shopping first for a little bread, cheese and wine so that we could enjoy a picnic.  We found a bench and had our picnic while we checked through our walking guide book for more ideas and information about routes in Paris for the days ahead.
Parc Mountsouris

From there we headed to the Place D'Italie which is an area that we stayed in on our first trip to Paris seven years ago. 
I remembered some good shopping there in the mall right on the place. After a little browsing around we headed back home again.
Tuesday we decided to visit Musee Rodin.  We had heard that the museum had a garden filled with Rodin's sculptures and we were not disappointed.
The work looked so perfect surrounded by the huge gardens that are behind the hotel that houses the museum.
We sat in the garden cafe and enjoyed a bit to eat and a glass of wine and soaked in the beauty.
Tourist reflections

After the museum we wandered further in search of the English bookstore Shakespeare  and Company.
It is quite the funky place with prospective authors in a writing area upstairs and a book talk and book signing going on for The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver while we were there.  
We wanted to pick up a book on the History of Paris but couldn't find one we liked so off we went again over to the islands across from the bookstore. For a dash of Paris flavor and a bit more information ... check out the video below.

I am going to save Monet's Garden visit for another blog ... great walk and an amazing garden!

Walk On Strong,


  1. I was thrilled to start my Monday Morning in Paris!! Keep those videos com in.

    The sculpture close up on the muse dorsay from the perspective of the river was something new to see, must be amazin to see up close

    love you guys and have a great week!


  2. LOVE your blog, Sue. SO glad I noticed it on FB. I

    believe the island's name, you were looking for, in your video, is Isle St. Louis?

    Going to show your blog to Rick. He'll love it, too.

    We made it to Iceland & Holland a few weeks ago. Have always loved Holland, and now Iceland, too!

    Please say hi to Dave.