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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 6 Walking in Paris!

This might be hard to make out but it is lights out time on Air France on our flight last night

Day 6  Walking in Paris!

Well, we made it to Paris! 
Dave and I left Toronto yesterday at almost 7 p.m. and arrived in Paris at about 2:30 a.m. ( Toronto time) today. The flight with Air France was quite wonderful ... great service and the hours flew by (no pun intended)It was 7:30 a.m. Paris time so we had a good head start on our day.
The RER train takes you right through the center of Paris and connects with the metro ... easy!

We took the RER train into Paris from the airport.  The train system is so easily accessible it was about a half an hour and we were just a few blocks from our final destination in Montparnasse.  We have stayed in this area before so we felt a bit more sure of ourselves as we walked toward what we hoped was our little apartment getaway. We were met by a friend of the owner and he guided us the last block and helped us get in and look around.
It is just wonderful to have a real home to stay in while we are here. It really does feel like a home away from home.

So we settled into our new home and had a celebratory glass of wine ... this is Paris ... it had to happen sooner rather than later!

The next thing we did was plot our first walk to orient ourselves to our location so that we would be able to find our way back ... always a good idea when you are on holiday.  

We walked toward the river and the Montparnasse Tower which is an amazing landmark and definitely helps a poor traveler in Paris orient him or herself.  We walked for a hour or so and all of a sudden I felt absolutely exhausted ... so, not wanting to push our first day too much, we headed back home. 
We stopped at the grocer briefly to pick up the essentials of life: red wine, cheese, baguette, cream for expresso and croissants!
Life is great here in Paris and it is only our first day!!
We promise you more soon ... Walk On Strong ... in Paris,


  1. Put a beret on Dave and he would be quite the Parisian! You picked a great week to be away, it is cold and miserable here. No excuses, we walked this morning. Will be following along.
    Sue and Tony

  2. Hey there ... wish you were here ... wouldn't we have fun. Dave and I went out this morning at about noon and came home at 10 p.m.! We walked all day and night and it was wonderful! I will blog about it tomorrow because I am a little tired.