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Friday, 1 August 2014

Day 1 Power Walking Lesson 1

Day One ... the perfect start to my Walk30 challenge for August!
Back to Walk30 and Blog about it through the next 30 days ... come join me!  

Today I was doing a personal power walking coaching session with friend who is looking toward being in better shape and creating a healthier lifestyle for herself. We went over to the track near my home and went through the first and basic fundamentals of walking that will help her, and anyone, to create a stronger core and boost the benefits of any walk.

There are three areas that we addressed and I have asked her to make an attempt to do these three things over the next week until we have lesson 2.  It is extremely important to work on these basics before moving on to more advanced techniques that will further improve your speed and strength.

1. Make walking a part of your day ... every day! In other words walking30 is your goal when you get up in the morning. Walking 30 minutes every day will change your health ... it will clear your mind, strengthen your body and your immune system.
If you want proof that a walk can change you life just check out this video in one of my older posts called 23 and a Half Hours. It is well worth your time!

2. Walk tall and strong! When you walk lift your head and look in front of you, lift your ribs away from your hips (stretch up) and pull your belly toward your backbone. In other words, engage your core,  in doing so you are improving your posture and strengthening those muscles that will help you burn more calories during and after your walk.  If you are going for a 30 minute walk ... maximize the benefits!

3. Practice technique every time you go out for a walk. The only way to improve any skill or create a healthy habit is to employ the change at every opportunity.  It takes approximately 6 weeks to embed a new habit into your life ... that's if you do it often and focus.

That's it for today ... please join me in walking30 every day this month, walk tall and strong while you are at it!

Walk On Strong!

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