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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Day 19 The warm weather is here!

Water bottle ... hat ... sunglasses ... ready to go!

Day 19 The warm weather is here!
Today was a gorgeous day ... especially for a long weekend.  Very good news for those who are camping and traveling for our Canadian Victoria Day weekend. 

We had a very large group out for the long and the short walk today with our Walk On Strong group.  There were more than a few of the group that were surprised at how much energy it takes to walk in the hot sun ,,, even in the morning.   

A few things that make a huge difference when you are walking in the heat. First you need to have water with you on a walk that is over 3 K especially when the weather is hot ... you need to stay hydrated. Lots of our walkers carry a fanny pack that has a holder for a water bottle ... works great ... as long as you remember to drink the water.  I like to put a pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon in my water to replace the electrolytes I am losing through sweat.  It sounds kind of yucky but it is actually quite refreshing.
It is good to have a habit of taking a drink at a stop light or when your waiting for traffic to clear.  Another way to protect your head and cool yourself down is to be sure to wear a hat.  You are creating some shade for yourself and it really makes a difference when you are out in the open. 
The first day of really warm weather takes us by surprise ... we will be ready for it next time.
Walk On Strong!

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