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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 23 The Half Marathon a week club!

Life is better if your walking30!

Day 23 The Half Marathon a week club!

 Come join us!
When I first decided to create the walk30 blog my idea was to set a fire under some of you that just needed a reason to walk ... a goal.  When I was thinking about a 30 minute walk it translated into 3 K ... which in my mind equaled a 10 minute per Km pace which is an average pace and fairly achievable.
 If you are able to keep up a 10 minute per Km. pace then you will be walking 21 K ( minimum) per week or a Half Marathon!

The idea was that if you did this week in and week out you would be achieving many health ( body and mind ) benefits and able to brag that you are a marathon walker at the same time.

So do not think about it too much longer ... just join The Half Marathon a Week Club.  Membership is free and we are a great group of enthusiastic walkers.
Today was a challenging day but my walk30 made it better ... hope you had the same experience ...Walk On Strong!

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