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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day 2 Hill training for walkers

One of our favorite hills ... We were there tonight!

Day 2 Hill training for walkers

We were out looking for hills tonight with our Walk On Strong training group.  Everyone feels quite strong and accomplished when we finish doing hill repeats in a training session.
I thought I would outline a few pointers just in case you wanted to head for the hills on one of your walk30 days.
Hill Training Pointers for Walkers
  • As you start uphill, shorten your stride. Take small steps with a rapid turnover.
  • Focus on a consistent cadence ... get into a rhythm and keep it up until you crest the hill.
  • Keep an upright posture your head, shoulders and back should form a straight line over the feet. Think about keeping your core strong just the way you always do when you walk.
  • Use your arms to help pump you up that hill. Arms are bent at a 90 degree angle ... make a loose fist and move it from your hip to your heart. 
  • Use your triceps to pull your arm back then let it drift forward ... the pull back will help to propel you up the hill.
  • Keep your head up and your eyes toward the crest of the hill.
  • Remember to breath in the nose out the mouth in a rhythmic pattern ... in 2 3 4 ...out 2 3 4
  • When you crest the hill keep going for a little while then turn and head down the hill
Coming Down the hill
Be careful coming down the hill.  You are more likely to experience injury from your downhill journey than your uphill climb

  • Once again be sure to shorten your stride.
  • Focus on good body posture, and a strong core.
  • Stay in control and keep a steady pace ... remember gravity is your friend.    
  • AND ... Walk On Strong up and down those hills!   Sue

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