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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Yahoo ... Day 30 of the Minds In Motion Challenge!

Day 30!
 Minds In Motion Initiative 
 30 Day Walk30 Challenge

YAY!  Congratulations your thirty days are done and what a journey it has been!  If you walked30 for 30 days in a row … you have actually walked 90 kms ( or more ) and that is more than 2 marathons combined!  In addition to that accomplishment you have gifted yourself with many physical and mental benefits.  

Now is the time to ‘talk the walk’. Invite others to walk with you.  Let us know about your walk30 ... take a picture, post on FaceBook, blog or tweet about it …#walk30withmimi
Keep on walking and challenge your friends to do the same.  Consider making up a walking team and participating in the MIMI K W Walking Classic.  Your team will have a blast; be inspired by walking enthusiasts, achieve their personal best time, have a chance to win great door prizes and help to break down the stigma relating to mental health.
Walk with us in support of mental health on May 10th in the MIMI K W Walking Classic for more information and registration at www.mimiwalks.com

Walk On Strong!

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