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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Day 21 A great day for 10 K

      A sunny Saturday walk in the woods!
Day 21 A great day for 10 K
It was my turn to lead the 8 am walk today and it was a sunny minus 10 when I headed to the Waterloo Public Square to meet the group.  One of our favorite walks takes us through no less that 3 wooded trails in and around Uptown Waterloo.  The saving grace for a Saturday walk ... or any day is the abundance of sun and lack of wind.  It is amazing how quickly you warm up ... a great day for a walk. 
Thanks to everyone who came out this morning for the early and the later walk!  If you live in Waterloo Region or you are visiting please come and join us!!
Hope you had a sunny walk30 where ever you are!
Walk On Strong .... Sue

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