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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 24 Motivation to take the stairs

Day 24 Motivation to take the stairs
Some days it just takes something FUN to get you out the door or in this case up the stairs.  I was just wandering around a few fitness blogs and ran across this video that I have seen before and just loved!!
If you haven't come across it yet I know it will get you thinking about adding more fun to your day.
Hope you had a great walk30 today and if you haven't started yet ... February first is a great time to begin ... walk 30 for 30 (29 in February!).

Walk On Strong!

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  1. Sue - I saw this video image (piano steps) in a virtual class I was taking today at work and it just so happens the class was from Kitchener. I remembered seeing the image on your blog. Our university system just bought D2L and that is where they are from. Small world... Julie D. was our instructor - is she part of your group?