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Monday, 20 February 2012

Day 20 You want to walk a Half Marathon

Creative neighbors!

Day 20 Do you want to walk a Half Marathon? 
     You can! 30 minutes at a time
Well if you are thinking that walking a half marathon sounds like just too big a goal for you ... have no fear.  You can do it 30 minutes at a time and every 7 days you can chalk up another one!
The walk30 challenge is starting again at the beginning of March ... next Thursday to be exact! 
If you get out the door for 30 minutes you are fairly sure to walk 3 K and if you do that every day for seven days you have a half marathon in the bag ... you are also getting loads of other benefits ... too numerous for today's blog entry.  If you haven't checked out the video 23 and a half hours ... here it is again!
So all you have to do is make up your mind to walk out the door every day for 30 minutes or twice a day for 15 minutes .... walk around the block or around the mall ... it doesn't matter ... really ... as long as you just do it (thanks Nike!).
I have to warn you that this is going to become habitual after a certain length of time and it will change your life if you keep renewing your challenge every month ... just sayin'.   It is always a good idea to go into these things with your eyes open and your sneakers laced up ... so to speak.

My walk30 today was with Dave and Annie ... these walks are becoming faster and faster ... the bigger the puppy the faster the walk.  It is Family Day here in Ontario so most of the stores are closed and people are getting out with their families ... and it is a sunny, warm day for it.
Hope you are having a great Family Day and it includes a walk30!
Walk On Strong,

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