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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Day A wintry late night walk

A snowy day will always bring memories of Terra Nova... 
a wonderful friend.

Day A wintry late night walk
Today was a whirl wind day ... getting up and out the door to the Total Woman Show ... spending the day talking to people about walking, the K W Walking Classic event and mental health.  I went to a spaghetti dinner fund raiser and watched a movie with friends.  When I got home it was late but not too late to get out there and walk30 with my husband and the puppy.  
It is late now and time to head off to bed but not before taking a moment to slow down and just appreciate the richness of the day. Good conversations and great experiences topped of with a walk that pulls it all together and leaves space for reflection.
Life is good!
Walk On Strong,

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