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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A race for walkers Day 29

Chip timed with all the bling, age group medals, long sleeve tech tees ..great loot ... only for walkers ... and best of all we do it all for our mental health cause

Day 29 A race for walkers .... only
Please, Please, Please vote for us!
 As you know ( or not ) the Minds in Motion K W Walking Classic has been nominated for the Readers' Choice Award for Best Walker-Friendly Half Marathon with About.com online ... it would mean a great deal for us to win this as it will bring us international recognition.  There are 3 weeks left before it is over 

( March 22). We are the smallest race so we need everyone's help with this.
 VOTE HERE for Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic Best Walker-Friendly Half Marathon
If you have been to our event ... you know it is the best .  Thank you to all who have voted already and we need to spread the word out further and get everybody on board to vote daily. 
 Please send this out to anybody you can think of that wants to see a race that is strictly for walkers win this thing.  All the other races are running events in the US and UK  ... they might be wonderful and most likely are ... but they are not the best ... we are!  
We love walkers so much we eliminated the runners and we do it all to support Mental Health initiatives ... help us help!
 You can vote once per day (every 24 hours) per email address 

( they do not do anything with your email).


 VOTE HERE for Minds In Motion K W Walking Classic Best Walker-Friendly Half Marathon 

To see a video of the race check   www.kwwalkingclassic.com

AND please come and walk in our race it is the BEST!! and early bird prices are in effect until April 1 ... no foolin'!

There will be a voting button on this website every day until voting closes to make it easier to vote (up on the right there).

Walk On Strong!!

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