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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Day 12 and Day 13 Enjoying The Bruce

Close the the coffee shop ... Tobermory town

Day 12 and Day 13 Enjoying The Bruce
Well blogging has its challenges when you are away from home ... the internet isn't available at the cottage and I have tried to do my blog on the phone connection with very frustrating results ( hence two days in one blog here).
Right now I am at the coffee shop on main street over looking the harbour in Tobermory. The internet is free and fairly good but it occasionally cuts out and I have to spend some time reconnecting.  My latte is awesome and they have gluten free cookies ... so life is actually pretty good!!
It is Mothers day and I think that this is the first Mother's Day that I haven't been with either one of my children.  I have talked to Mike this morning so I do feel connected but it isn't quite the same.  My children are grown and petty amazing individuals but they are still my kids just the same and I am missing them on Mother's Day.

I hope that all the mothers out there are having their own relaxing day ... that might include a walk30 of course.
Yesterday we had a very long walk around the lake front and found a beach for Annie to get into the water ... she was swimming in minutes!  She definitely has the Newfoundland instinct for water.  I will post some pictures later when I get home.  We have gone for a shorter walk already today and I think that we will get out again later.  
Walk On Strong!

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