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Friday, 25 May 2012

Day 25 Get Walking Website

My Daughter Sarah walking in Nipigon Ontario last year

Day 25 Get Walking Website

I have a lot of fun looking for walking information and finding interesting walking websites. The UK has a lot of great information, websites and trails for walking.  I was browsing around and I found the Get Walking Website and some interesting information about the benefits of getting yourself out the door.
From the Get Walking website:

More facts about walking

  • In taking just one step, you use over 200 muscles.
  • Walking 1 mile/1.6km in 20 minutes can burn up at least 100kcal/420kJ of energy, as much as swimming for 10 minutes, playing football for 12 minutes or doing aerobics for 16 minutes.
  • Walking 2 miles/3.2km a day, 4 times a week, can help reduce weight by 0.5kg/1 pound every month.
  • Walking a mile burns around the same amount of calories as running a mile, although of course it takes longer.
  • Walking, like running, cycling, swimming and aerobics, is an aerobic exercise which helps your heart and lungs learn to use oxygen more efficiently. Regular brisk walkers will find they’re less often short of breath and are more energetic.
 I love the fact that we use 200 muscles when we take one step ... so if we walk30 and we walk approximately 1200 steps per km and we walk 3 kms that means a walk30 moves ... 720 thousand muscles are activated ... WOW!!!
Am I ever glad I got out the door today! 
Hope you did too.
Walk On Strong,

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